15 At-Home Quick Meal Ideas

Since we are all home and are not going out to restaurants, I thought it would be great to share some of the meals that we are making at home. We typically are not the couple to make a meal at home. Since we both usually go to offices to work, we order lunch and dinner out.

If you are like us and are looking for some quick and easy meal ideas… then I shared some of our go-to faves below. I didn’t include any recipes with step-by-step instructions, just ideas. While I listed them into categories; you can really eat them whenever you want. Obviously. This is your life and you should eat when you’re hungry.

Breakfast Meal Ideas

There are many ‘breakfast meal ideas’ since I like to eat lots of breakfast-y foods throughout the day.

1) CEREAL: The easiest place to start is with a simple breakfast. I am the kind of person that can literally eat cereal for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. If I’m starving and need to eat something small so I can think straight, I’ll grab a bowl of cereal. My favorites are Special K, Mini-Wheats, Honey Nut Cheerios (or regular Cheerios), and any Nature’s Path Cereal (currently have Sunrise Crunchy Mable in my cabinet).

2) PASTRIES: Another super easy breakfast idea is having a pastry with your coffee. This is my favorite combo and since I can’t get pastries at the local coffee shops like I usually do, I keep a small loaf of Abe’s Vegan Coffee Cake on hand. You can also bake a little batch and save it to eat during the week.

3) EGGIES & TOTS: Our fave little breakfast is an egg scramble with spinach and a side of tots! The tots are the most important part. You can make the egg scramble with whatever ingredients you like. Sometimes I like to add tomatoes, avocado, or vegan breakfast sausages. Pete will sometimes add prosciutto and goat cheese.

4) EGGS ON AVOCADO TOAST: (not pictured) This is another quick idea and super easy to make that I sometimes eat it for lunch. Just toast a slice of bread (or 2), smash some avocado on top, and then I like to layer some spinach before putting the egg on top. My fave is sunny side up eggs, but you can make them whatever style, or no egg. Do you.

5) BANANA PANCAKES: A new Sunday breakfast delight is making banana pancakes! I found this gluten-free pancake mix at a nearby grocery (Fairway) and it makes great pancakes. I use almond milk instead of regular milk for the recipe. Since I don’t add bananas to the mix, I make about half the pancakes with bananas and a half without. I then love to top them off with some fresh fruit to add a little more sweetness.

6) TOASTED BAGEL WITH CREAM CHEESE: (not pictured) We freeze our bagels to make them last longer and then I like to scoop them out and toast them. I add Tofutti cream cheese (non-dairy) and it tastes amazing. The best kind of toppings is either smoked salmon or a little raspberry jam (amazing if you’ve never tried it).

Lunch Meal Ideas

7) VEGAN HOTDOG WITH SWEET POTATO CHIPS: I am a big fan of the Field Roast Frankfurter (which is vegan), but you can make regular hotdogs if that’s your thing. I top the hotdog with pickles (bread&butter pickles) and spinach. I feel like it makes it more of a sandwich and adds some greenery to it. The pickles are like adding relish, I just don’t keep relish stocked.

8) TUNA SANDWICH: This is very easy to make, but I try to limit my tuna intake, because of you know.. mercury. I like to make this on toast and top it with pickles and spinach. For this meal, I paired it with a side salad because I ate it for dinner. The salad is spinach, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, avocado, and balsamic vinegarette.

9) SHRIMP SANDWICH WITH FRIES: This was made as a result of leftovers. We had made shrimp for dinner one night and I saved a few to make a sandwich the next day. I topped this with cucumbers and avocado, and a splash of tomato balsamic vinegarette. The old-bay fries were leftover from whatever Peter ordered for lunch, but you can also just make some in the oven.

10) TUNA MELT: This is a fun twist on the tuna sandwich. I toasted the bread and made the tuna, then put it in the oven/broiler for about 2 minutes to melt the cheese. Careful not to also burn the bread. I topped it off with some spinach and pickles and balsamic vinegarette. The usual.

Dinner Meal Ideas

11) SOUP & AVO TOAST: This is a very easy one. Stock up on a few of your favorite soups. Mine are pretty much anything vegan from Amy’s (specifically Split Pea Soup – pictured, and Lentil Soup). Then make an avocado toast slice and cut it into easily dippable pieces.

12) SHRIMP SALAD: This is a great way to amp up your salad. Cook up some shrimp and add it to your fave salad! My salad includes spinach, tomatoes, avocado, cucumbers, and balsamic vinegarette.

13) COD WITH BAKED POTATOES & ASPARAGUS: I really liked this meal. I am a big potato fan and these baked potatoes were actually so easy to make (they just take an hour to cook). Peter cooked the other things and they take about 15 minutes to make. Another option for the side instead of the asparagus is wilted spinach since we always have that stocked.

14) PASTA WITH VEGAN SAUSAGES & SPINACH: This is my favorite dinner that Peter makes. We got the recipe idea from Plant Based Jane, who btw has the BEST vegan recipes. The pasta is Tolerant (which has LOTS of protein and is gluten-free), the vegan sausages are Mexican Chipotle Sausages by Field Roast and we love the Classic Spicy sauce by Jar Goods. Obviously we put spinach in this pasta, too.

15) PASTA WITH VEGAN CRUMBLE: This was an experiment that I tried with Light Life Smart Gound Plant-Based Crumbles. I originally got these to make for myself (because Peter isn’t typically into ‘fake meat’), but Peter ended up really liking this and ate it, too. I topped it off with Violife vegan mozzarella shreds.

Other Ideas

Don’t forget your vitamins! I love these gummy ones since I have a hard time taking pills.

Sample Grocery List

When grocery shopping, you should be at least mentally prepared for what you want to get at the grocery store before going OR you can just pull up this blog post. I personally use Amazon Prime Now to order my groceries from the nearby Whole Foods. I listed a sample grocery list here:

  • Spinach, Eggs
  • Califia Farms Almond Milk & Califia Farms Barista Blend (I like this for my coffee)
  • Bananas, Avocados, Tomatoes
  • Bagels, Smoked Salmon
  • Pasta and Pasta Sauce
  • Bread and butter pickles (MUST BE BREAD & BUTTER)
  • Tuna fish, Bread (freeze it to make it last longer)

*Disclaimer, I am not vegan. I personally just don’t eat meat or diary, but do eat eggs and fish.

Let me know your fave meal to make lately!