3 Ways to KICK Your Athleisure Game UP

Sneakers: Adidas / Sunnnies: LOFT / Coat: Abercrombie / Leggings: Forever 21 / Sweatshirt: Victoria’s Secret

OK- whether you want to look cute apr├Ęs gym or just want to walk around comfy, I wanted to share some new places to shop for amazing athleisure looks. Unique styles from your hair to your sneaks can really help get your game up! I laid out THREE easy ways to always look AMAZING when rocking your look.


The key here is to get functional leggings that have really cute details on them like mesh sections (LIKE THIS) or cut-out details (LIKE THIS). I also HIGHLY recommend the leggings be high-waisted. This helps keep everything in for your workout (or comfy look) and allows you to wear a crop top or any loose top.

When shopping for leggings, you should keep in mind what you are planning to use them for. If it’s a workout where you are more likely to break a sweat (like running or spin) you want a material that’s going to provide good moisture management like nylon. I have a few pairs from the Forever 21 Activewear collection and I’ve noticed that the leggings are rather thin, which isn’t always a problem, however you just need to know what the need is. If it’s a warmer day and you want lighter or thinner leggings, these are perfect.

SHAPE activewear has a little better, thicker quality material. PLUS, they have really nice colors and designs like THIS, THIS, and THIS. Also, SIX:02 has a great selection of many different brands to give you more of a selection. I was SO close to getting THIS PAIR (perfect fit and material) and was totally eyeing THIS PAIR (love the logo detail) and THIS PAIR (amazing quality).

If breaking a sweat isn’t important to you because you won’t be working out in these anyway OR you will be using them strictly for yoga-type activities, you can wear any material. I recommend THESE / THESE (some of the softest I have).

Shop some cute leggings below:


If you tend to keep your leggings and rest of your look pretty basic, you can really turn up your look with SUPER CUTE sneakers made for the gym or just walking around looking like gym shoes. I’m not sure when I started to become some sort of sneaker head (and I’m using this term very loosely), but I have been growing my collection like WOAH! I recently got THIS PAIR, and wait guys, I am OBSESSED with my new ADIDAS SNEAKERS.

For gym shoes, I wanted to make sure that I found something that was not only functional at the gym for what I like to do (I mostly run), but can also be cute for going from the gym to brunch! If you are planning on skipping the gym before brunch (NO SHAME), you can swap your functional gym shoes for super cute sneakers.

Shop a range of cute shoes for different needs below:


If you’re feeling adventurous, why not change up your hair! Rather than your typical pony or top knot, try some other cute styles while still keeping your hair off your face. I personally love the “space buns” look that I’m rocking here because since my hair is short in the back, I typically need a TON of bobby pins to help keep it up. With this look, I barely need any and it’s SUPER easy to do!

Some looks can be super easy to do if you’re not one who typically does fancy hairstyles. Forever 21‘s models actually have some really great inspo like THIS LOOK, or you can always check PINTEREST for more inspo.

Shop my look and similar below:



*Photos by Gillian.
*Shoes sponsored by SIX:02.