5 Tips I Learned From Listing on Poshmark

Since my boyfriend moved into my 1BR apartment, I have been desperately trying to make space for both of us… and all of my clothes. I have a LOT of clothes. Mostly shoes and coats, but a lot. I thought, what a better time to finally downsize some of my closet!

We toyed with the idea of getting a storage unit, but I really don’t want to store things we don’t actively need and instead I’d prefer to get rid of things I don’t need. As a blogger, we do get a lot of things for free so I wanted to list some of the items at discounted prices to be able to spread the love around.

My Experience as a Poshmark Seller

I am a relatively new seller on Poshmark and so I thought I would share some tips I learned. First, I started to collect the items I was ready to part with in a big pile. Then I went through the items and determined which ones I wanted to sell on Poshmark (brand new items, brand name items, easy to photograph items, etc.). Then I determined which items I wanted to drop in a ThredUp bag to sell/consign (brand name items that I didn’t want to photograph). The rest of my items would be donated to Goodwill.

Once I knew which items I was going to photograph and list on Poshmark, I waited for when the good light pours into my bedroom and started my photoshoot. After I photographed all of the items (took about a half hour to an hour- depending on how many items you have), I then uploaded them to my computer. I turned on some Gilmore Girls in the background, poured myself a glass of Sancerre, and began to list my items. The listing process took about 2 hours. Scroll down for my tips!


Price the items you are selling slightly higher than what you’d like to receive. This not only gives room for negotiations with your buyer (everyone loves to negotiate), but you can also publicly lower the price and send offers to your ‘likers’, while still arriving at the price you wanted to sell it at. This brings me to my next point…


Send offers to your Poshmark ‘likers’. A liker is someone that formally ‘likes’ the item you are selling by tapping the heart on the item. If I accumulate 3 or more likers on an item, I will occasionally send offers to the likers without publicly lowering the price. Also, if I enter into a negotiation and I decide to counter offer a potential buyer, I will then offer the price I just counter-offered to all likers of that item. This way, if the original person you are negotiating with doesn’t like the counter-offer, others may enter the bidding. I have made a few sales this way.


Be specific as possible in the title of the item. The best way to get your item seen on Poshmark is when someone is searching for that particular item, the particular brand, or an item that looks like yours. Search for what the specific name of your piece is and title your item that name.


Use a mix of professional product shots for the item, as well as actual images of YOUR item. This really helps provide potential buyers feel like they are shopping the item from a store, but can also get a feel for what it looks like in real life. If you can’t find images of the item you are selling online, take a photo of yourself in the item so buyers can see how it actually fits.


Share other user’s listings and join the Poshmark parties and share your own listings there. There is a lot of sharing that happens on Poshmark. This is another great way to get your items seen. You can follow users and search around and share their listings to your followers. If someone shares your item, you should share a few of your items, too!

AAAND THAT’S ALL I HAVE FOLKS. I am not by any means a professional Poshmark users (yes- they DO exist). However, as a beginner, there are the tips I have learned from selling a few things on the app.



Check out some of my listings in my closet to get an idea of how I post: