6 Gift Ideas Found at BabbleBoxx

Earrings: BaubleBar / Top: J Crew / Jeans: Unpublished / Booties: Sam Edelman

It’s that time of year where I am in full gift planning mode!

As I search for the perfect gifts for my friends and family, I will share what I am finding. Starting with a recent event I went to: the Holiday Babbleboxx Event. When I stopped by the Holiday BabbleBoxx event, I was looking to get some great gift ideas that I haven’t thought of. Gift giving is so fun when it’s personal and am always looking to get inspired for new gift ideas! I thought that I would share the vendors I saw and some new gift ideas that I have.

What I saw at BabbleBoxx

23andMe – I first heard about this DNA test because my friend recently gave this as a gift to her boyfriend. They both were SO excited, I knew I had to learn more. Not only does 23andMe tell you about where you are from, but it links you up to other people that have a similar background. I love the idea of giving this as a gift and already have one prepped to be given! (PS- they are currently half off when you buy 2+, so basically buy one get one!)

Algenist – You really can’t go wrong with anything from Sephora. If the shade or product isn’t right for the person, they can always return it (without a receipt) and get what works better for them! This collagen serum looks so interesting, I can’t wait to try it. Skin care is so important and from the looks at Sephora, there are so many good reviews for it.

Perfumania – This is great if you know the signature scent of the person you are getting a gift for. Perfume can be pretty personal so if you know the scent, this is perfect to help them re-stock!

Grande Lash – Everyone is about the lash game now. This lash serum seems like a fun alternative to getting actual lash extensions (that require a TON of maintenance and can actually damage your lashes).

Tea Forte – I LOVE the idea of giving tea as a gift. Teas are something that you can always drink and it goes so quickly. I recently gave tea and added a personalized message of why each tea is great. I saw so many cute little holiday themed tea sets that would be perfect stocking stuffers!

Selfie Cookie – This is such a funny gift. Basically you take a picture, it could be of yourself or anything else, and then they put it on a cookie! Great for parties or as a fun surprise! As a tester, I put my kissy face on a cookie and gave a kissy gift! LOL!



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