How to Rock the Big Trend: Backwards Shirt

Talking about one of the classic 90’s styles (thanks Kriss Kross) and sharing inspiration for the best way to pull off The Backwards Shirt.

professional-top-button-upBooties: Cole Haan (similar) / Shirt: Ralph Lauren / Bag: Zara (similar-designer) (similar-for less)/ Jeans: Zara (similar) / Choker: Vintage Redesigned (similar)

There are many ways to pull of this “borrowed from the boys” trend, but you definitely want to go for a way oversized shirt. You can wear the shirt either untucked to cover your butt or you should be able to tuck it in. Another tip for this trend is to wear nothing under the shirt. Most of what makes this trend work so well is that women can show off their beautiful bare bodies.

You can really try this trend with any shirt that buttons down the front, and just switch it to the back! My recommendation is to either steal a dress shirt from your boyfriend or pick one up from a thrift store for super cheap. This allows you to be able to try out the trend without spending a ton of money. Besides, why would you go buy a super expensive dress shirt just to wear it backwards and half falling off? I would top off the look with some delicate jewelry, hanging down the back obvs.

Try the look with some vintage button-down styles here (love the color), here (sleeveless- obvs), and here (a different type of button-up). PS; I stopped by Housing Works (thrift store chain in NYC) to do some research about their inventory of these shirts. I was able to pick a really cool Tommy Hilfiger one (similar) for $10!! I got a men’s shirt to make sure it’s oversized – so totally thrift one for yourself! I’m going to wait for the weather to be a little warmer and I’ll style this as an open back look like the inspo above + share it with you all.

I tagged some other (men’s) shirts below if you wanted to get something new, this way you can ensure the fit is definitely oversized. Also, try to look for a light, airy material that’s perfect for the warmer weather.







*Photos by Adrianna Naomi.
[image creds, respectively: honestlywtf / unknown / elle / indiechase]