Blogger Weekend Events

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Hi all! I wanted to share a super special experience I enjoyed a few weekends ago where I went to a few blogger events! First, I attended to the Simply Stylist event at the W Hotel in NYC on Sunday, October 25! There were a few panels where I got to hear some great advice on best practices for my blog/Instagram as well as some good next steps for my blog.






I even made it into the video re-capping the event. See the entire video below (PS – I’m within the first 10 seconds!)

I then attended a more intimate event called “Collective Conversations” hosted by ShopStyle Collective on the following Monday. This event was held at the Soho House in NYC and was led by some of the girls behind ShopStyle Collective.


I found this event extremely inspiring and helpful in so many ways. I was feeling a little bit in a rut when this weekend came around and really needed this push. I started to feel overwhelmed because I was, in all honesty, over committing to my blog and Instagram presence. I needed to keep it real with myself and understand what I am realistically able to do, while still enjoying what I am doing while still being able to provide creative, unique content. Therefore, I changed my commitment to two posts a week on my blog (on Mondays and Thursdays), and have been able to stick with it and found it is working!

Additionally, another great takeaway was to start taking myself more seriously. To be comfortable and confident with what I have accomplished has always been hard for me, not just in the blogger sense but in my professional and personal life. These “conversations” showed me that I AM knowledgeable with what I am blogging about, and there is so much further I can take this!





Overall, I had a great time and can’t wait to continue to share amazing content! Stay posted!

[bloglovin_button] *Simply Stylist Photos by Asli Aydin.