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Blogs and their associated Instagrams are the new magazines. I have been reading all different blogs and looking at a ton of instagrams lately and I have barely even touched my new SEPTEMBER ISSUES of my favorite magazines. They have been sitting there, in open sight, glaring at me. Yet- I have not even read my Elle mag, let alone even got half way through my Vogue mag.


Don’t get me wrong, I still LOVE magazines and still really like to read through them and see their opinions. However, I feel like magazines just aren’t as LIVE as these blogs and instagrams tend to be. It’s like the blogs have taken the place of where everyone envisioned the paper magazines going: online. But this is totally different than what anyone would have expected.


Blogs are online versions of magazines on crack x200. They not only provide insane content including new trends, hot brands, and amazing photography (always my personal fave); but they provide all of this from many different perspectives. There are bloggers all over the world detailing what they are wearing, how to wear it, and sharing their different experiences. This brings the whole ‘Yelp/Google review obsession’ to a whole new level – these are real people giving their review of the style world. Most of what makes a blog so powerful is really maintaining that authenticity vibe (ie. “this is really how I feel about this”).

Furthermore, blogs are really paving a new way for opportunities to join this fashion/style world that was usually restricted to only top fashion leaders making the decision of what’s “in” and what is not. The people now have a voice and are making the decision; since a blog is only as powerful as the people that follow them.

Anyway, I love the whole blog & Instagram idea and I’m joining in with the intention to share my opinion of what I think looks good, sounds good, and the best way to go about this. While there are many bloggers currently out there, there is SO much space for people to continually keep the mass audience intrigued and informed.  Stay tuned for more to come loves.