Book Haul – What I’m Reading

This is a follow up from my last post featuring three books I’ve started.

Recently I stopped by my favorite bookstore: McNally Jackson Books. I’m not sure why, but this place always brings me so much tranquility. There are two levels of books, a cafe (with amazing coffee + tea), plus they have a book publisher where you can actually publish your own book!!

On this particular night, I was having a bit of a stressful evening (think, citibiked for an hour to miss a class and then be in the complete opposite side of town), when I was walking past my favorite bookstore. I decided to spend the rest of my evening reading the beginnings of books. I ended up picking out 3 books to take home.

What I’m Reading:

1) TED Talks: The Official TED Guide to Public Speaking – I thought this book looked interesting because (a) I am obsessed with Ted Talks and (b) I noticed that my ability to articulate my thoughts into spoken words isn’t as great as into written words (mostly noticed during filming my IG course). In addition, as I learn more and more how important communication is, I hope to better my communication and inspire other with my words.

2) Contagious: Why Things Catch On – This is sort of like a follow up to The Tipping Point (which I discuss more about in THIS post). Both books focus around the idea of something catching on and taking off (aka going viral). The introduction got my attention where the author (Jonah Berger) explains how he helped make a philly cheese steak restaurant extremely popular by selling a sandwich for $100.

3) How to Be Bored (The School of Life) – OK not going to lie, I picked up this book for a picture. I thought the front of this book was so ‘instagrammable’ (still feel this way). But then when I started reading it, I realized this book is perfect for me. It discusses how people are always so busy and that we are always trying to fill all of our time with things to do; that we even sort of brag about how busy we are (guilty). The author talks about being comfortable doing nothing at times and how this leads to more creative thinking (sound familiar? – I’ve discussed this HERE and HERE). It’s a super short and easy read, the perfect book to read (AND FINISH) on the plane!

Furthermore, I’m leaving for California today and will be grabbing a few books for my trip (and will aim to finish them)! I challenge you all to explore your neighborhood bookstore and support local businesses. There is a calming element about local bookstores and it is a great place to take things slower. Enjoy your reading and please share any books you recommend so I can check them out!