Chic Baseball Hat; Borrowed From the Boys (+Reflecting on Black Friday)

blogger-artizia-hat-nyc-girlHat: Artizia / Sneakers: Koio Collective / Bag: GiGi New York / Shirt: Zara (similar)

OMG Thanksgiving and Black Friday/Cyber Monday is finally OVER! I’m not sure about any of you, but I am completely shopped out (“yea, we’ll see about that” – Aritzia store worker). No, but seriously.. I have been monitoring all the sales like a trader monitors stocks. It’s been so crazy!

I wanted to first share a few things I learned from this Black Friday/Cyber Monday:

TIP #1; Overall, the sales are pretty good, meaning it’s some of the best discounts the stores typically offer (ahem, JCREW offered 40% off!).
TIP #2; These sales start EARLY!! So you should, too. Some of them started as early as Friday 11/18 (a week before Black Friday) and we were able to shop the stores without a crowd of people (because no one knew about the sales).
TIP #3; The sales also end late… meaning that most of them carry over to “Cyber Monday” and some are even still going on today (Tuesday, ahem Forever 21).
TIP #3; You do NOT need to go to the stores to get these deals. The terms ‘Black Friday’ and ‘Cyber Monday’ are basically interchangeable because the sales are typically the same whether you shop online or in store (with a few exceptions). Although, I did notice that there were multiple websites down due to heavy traffic on the actual Black Friday. So always keep that in mind, and shop early!


One of my favorite new items from my shopping hauls is this Artizia faux suede hat. I’m literally so obsessed with it! My friend Renee (of Beauty and the Cat) who I’ve been shopping with this whole time, got me this as an early Christmas gift, and I’m literally never taking it off!

Chic baseball hats are the newest addition to the “borrowed from the boys” trend… and I couldn’t wait to get on it. I kept this whole look simple with all brown tones and kept it super casual. I love these high top Koio Collective sneakers because I can pair them with ANYTHING (even a dress like HERE) and they are SO cute.

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*Photos by Gillian O’Brien