Coffee in Santa Barbara

While in Santa Barbara, one of the things I loved doing was trying out all the different local coffee shops the town had to offer! I am definitely someone who needs a cup of coffee to start the day, but I didn’t want to just grab Starbucks everyday. So in case you are planning to visit Santa Barbara, California and need to know where to get a good cup of coffee, this post is for you!


This was by far my favorite coffee shop to frequent in Santa Barbara! Rebar is located on the bottom of State Street near the water and has a really cozy and spacious outdoor seating area with picnic tables. I think it is still relatively new and all the employees are SO nice! I came to this spot twice while visiting and each time the employees would bring out Nala a little bowl of water (so thoughtful!!). The latte was also extremely good and pretty strong.

Ordered: (slight) Vanilla Latte + Banana Nut Muffin (visit 1) + Cranberry Carrot Muffin (visit 2)


Located more in the heart of State Street, Caffe Primo has a cute little place to sit outside and people watch. I came here with my brother and we ordered more of a breakfast. The waitress not only brought out a little water dish for Nala but provided some yummy treats!

Ordered: Vanilla Latte + split an Asparagus Omelette + Chocolate Croissant


Sitting right off the beach, it was perfect to grab a nice cup of coffee and then let Nala run on the beach. The East Beach Grill is located off East Cabrillo Blvd and right at the beach. Since this place was literally 1 minute away from where I was staying, it was super convenient to just grab a cup of coffee. I think they brewed Peet’s Coffee and I was pleasently suprised with how good the latte was (and how quickly it came out)! Since the view is so nice and the place is so convenient, I actually came back a second time for a more full breakfast with my mom.

Ordered: Vanilla Latte + Blueberry Muffin (visit 1) + Blueberry Wheat Germ Pancakes (visit 2)


OK – I know this isn’t coffee, but I’m literally still dreaming about these acai bowls. I went here with my brother to grab something that was light and healthy, yet would still keep me full, because this was my SPA DAY! I substituted my usual coffee for a green tea + this amazing bowl. I really would have liked to go here again but my trip just flew by! As far as price range, these prices were actually extremely reasonable (they didn’t charge me more for adding Kale + Protein)! Coming from NYC where Juice Generation + Juice Press are usually my go-to’s for smoothies and bowls, I HIGHLY recommend Backyard Bowls.

Ordered: A├žai Bowl (kids size) – Island Bowl and added Kale + Protein to the base


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Two other coffee shops that I really wanted to try was Santa Barbara Roasting Company and The French Press. Both places are located right on state street and look amazing.

So stay caffeinated while visiting Santa Barbara + leave a comment or send a message if you want to know more!