Cold Shoulder Shopping Guide {at STORETS}

The other day my friend asked me, “the cold shoulder trend isn’t going anywhere right?!” as she picked up a super cute off the shoulder top. Um NO WAY! As some of us may or may not be happy about this; the off the shoulder looks will most definitely be here for 2017 Spring/Summer and now is a good time to stock up!

What I wanted to share today is the process in which I go through when I shop for new items. Specifically, I thought I’d take you shopping with me (online shopping that is, is there really any other way to do it?). I’m currently in the process of doing a decent size haul from STORETS, a site that I’ve never bought anything from. I’ve been eyeing this site for some time now and I’m ready to take the plunge to try!

There are two main factors for my urgency when making a purchase online: (1) There is a sale and I want to lock in the price, and (2) The item you LOVE will be sold out. I have yet to see STORETS have a sale (precisely why I have yet to make a purchase) and there are a few items that I can’t stop thinking about, aka if they sold out I would be sad. Therefore, I’m ready to do my haul.

If there are ton of pieces that I love and find it difficult to decide (which this is the case at STORETS), I like to lay them all out and start eliminating what I need and don’t need. Reminding myself that I can always order again if I like the brand. I suggest starting with a purpose in mind for what you may be shopping for (your excuse for buying new clothes, if you will). Mine for this haul is some new cute work-appropriate dresses for the summer that I can wear to work and still be able to go right out after.

When shopping at a store that I’ve never gotten anything from, always look at the multiple pictures of the model wearing the clothes. Pictures can be deceiving and I am certainly one to get excited over the first photo I see of the piece. This can help give you more of an idea of how the item will look from different angles.

Finally, check out the return policy and see how easy (or difficult) it will be to return the pieces if you don’t like them. If it is difficult, or you’re unable to return at all, I suggest buying with AMEX. They offer return protection where you can return almost anything through them!

Cold Shoulder Shopping at STORETS

*Cate Choker Belt Top
Show off only one shoulder with this short sleeve top that can literally go with anything.
Jenine Satin Blouse
One shoulder with a deep plunge – how could you go wrong? (ps; extra points for statement sleeves)
Aurora Cold Shoulder Blouse
Cute pastel lavender color! Show off both shoulders with this high neck top and a super cute bow at the neck.
*Tela Tie Waist Off-the-Shoulder Dress
This dress is the cutest! A perfect little white dress with a bonus corset like tie around the waist. Sort of reminds me of a “Belle” look from The Beauty and the Beast.
Gina One Shoulder Top
Show off one shoulder with extreme chic-ness. This long sleeve top has the backwards shirt vibe to keep you on that trend with major statement sleeves. Win-Win-Win.
Delia Cold Shoulder Mini Dress
High neck in the color of the season! With both shoulders exposed and covered with ruffles, this is the perfect day-time dress!
Esty Stripe Off-the-Shoulder Dress
This off the shoulder dress in blue has the cutest bow in the front! There is nothing at the waist, so you always want to know what you’re getting into when picking up one of these dresses.
Julia Off-the-Shoulder Dress
Off the shoulder little white dress with delicate details! Plus- the cinched waist helps show your figure.
*Jana Layered Stripe Dress
This has the men’s shirt trend with a cute feminine touch. I love this dress because you can totally wear this to work or out on the weekend
Charlotte Stripe Off-the-Shoulder
Off the shoulder with major bell sleeves is perfect for any occasion. OR try THIS dress with slim straps and that men’s wear vibe.
Yena Ruffle Cold Shoulder Dress
I’m a sucker for anything pastel and this has another high neck with flowey statement sleeves. This site calls it dress, yet it looks super short and looks as if it might be better paired with shorts.. so you be the judge.
Piena Shirt Wrap Skirt Set
Another men’s inspired look, yet this time the feminine detail is more of a skirt detail. Again, I think these are perfect for office or out. However, I don’t think you need both so you should pick one.. BUT WHICH ONE?! Ugh decisions… You can always decide to order the other style later if you truly love the fit. There’s also THIS cute dress!!
*Janet Eyelet Shirt Dress
OMG yes to this dress. I think this is a definite buy for me because I am always living in my men’s work shirts and this is a dress made from it! The lace up corset-like ties help accentuate the waist and can be tied to the front or side. PLUS- I’m always bias towards a look I can wear to work and out (more bang for your buck- am I right?!).
Sena Off-the-Shoulder Top
This pink off the shoulder is perfect for the summer. Like I said, I am a sucker for anything pastel, so this color is what first grabbed my attention. The off-the-shoulder is what kept it.

*indicates which pieces I bought.

UPDATE: I received my order from STORETS and this is my review… PROS: Came SUPER fast, CONS: I am returning all of it because they do not look a lot like the images, or fit appropriately. Also, I noticed that the pieces required a lot of work on my end, ie: having to put on the ties through the dress and etc.

FURTHER UPDATE: In order to return this merchandise, the company requires you to ship it back to South Korea and PAY for the shipping. For a relatively small box via DHL, the cost is about $45 from NYC. In addition, the company says they charge an additional $5.99 fee for handling…. WHAT HANDLING?! If it was just the fee (which I had first thought it was until getting told otherwise) I would be fine with this, but paying over $50 for a return is ridiculous.

So if you want to still buy from STORETS, be VERY careful with your selection as I would not suggest returning anything.