Cropped Sweaters + Shopping for Sunnies

img_3518Jeans: Urban Outfitters (similar) / Sweater: Zara (similar) / Shoes: Puma / Sunnies: Urban Outfitters

I am the BIGGEST fan of sunnies and I’m always obsessed with the selection at Urban Outfitters. The pairs are so inexpensive ($16-$18 or $50-$60 if you’re getting Quay) and they are ALL so cute!! I think it’s necessary to have a few classic designer sunnies (like a RayBan pair) and then supplement your collection with fun ones (which Urban Outfitters has both of)! See THIS POST for a full shopping guide on sunnies for every budget.

Okay- I wear a lot of grey, BUT these jeans have a nice mix of black and grey to break it up. To help add contrast, I paired the monochromatic look with bright white sneaks and a hint of red. This was a shoot day for me, so I was running around the city taking pictures and I love throwing on sneakers for comfort. These Puma sneakers are actually cushioned!!

If you want to go for the color block look, but want to keep the jeans one color, you can always go with a sweater that is more of a statement color block like THIS one. This sweater is actually quite cropped (and quite possibly the softest sweater, but I couldn’t find it available anymore! I linked a similar cashmere one) and the reason it works well here is because the jeans are high-waisted.

Shop some similar crop sweaters + fun sunnies below:







*Photos by Will Coles.