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OK I looooove books!

I’m not sure if it’s because I grew up surrounded by books, but I just get so excited to read a new book. I love learning new things and hearing what people have to share. I’ve been listening to a lot of podcasts lately and they have been recommending tons of books. So I went on an ordering spree and picked up those books.

I think it’s very important to set a side some time out of your day to read. This can be when you first wake up, on the beach (um yes please!), at a coffee shop (helps to stay focused), during your commute, or right before you go to bed (my personal fave). See my previous book reads here. Below are the new books/podcasts/blogs that I am currently reading to help me be better at balancing everything, while still growing my business:


High Performance Habits – Brendon Burchard
Lately, a big goal of mine is to develop efficient new productive habits to make more use of my time. As I’ve talked about before, it’s very hard to get work done on my blog while having a full-time job. My goal is to be able to get more done in a short amount of time and I believe this can be accomplished by developing better habits. Plus, this book is recommended by lots of podcasts I’ve been listening to help build effective habits for reaching long-term success, and I’m alllll about that.

Profit First – Mike Michalowicz
This book is also recommended by the blogs/podcasts listed below. Basically it’s the concept of making sure that you think about the profit before paying expenses when starting your company. This is something that is typically not given a lot of attention when trying to juggle the many things when starting a business. Mike brings up the equation: Revenue – Profit = Expenses, instead of the typical equation taught: Revenue – Expenses = Profit. Mike Michalowicz also has other books if you want to check those out, too.

If You Want to Write – Brenda Ueland
This book is about writing. I love writing and do a tonnnn of writing (here and at my full-time job. I’m always looking to be a better writer and this looks exciting and motivating. The book discusses the battling the self-doubt that you might feel as a writer. Like – “Why do I deserve to be a writer?” or “Who cares what I have to say?”. The author “has inspired thousands to find the creative genius buried deep within” and affirms that “we are all filled with possibility, have a creative power which be kept alive in all of us for all of our lives.”

Brotopia – Emily Chang
This isn’t so much a book about productively or ‘self-help’, but rather about the “bro” culture that is currently going on in Silicon Valley (and the tech industry as a whole). This book was written by a reporter and was published this year, so the information is extremely relevant. It doesn’t just speak to company culture, but also women who start a company deal with venture capitalists have a much different experience than their male counterparts.

Discussions around how women are treated in corporate settings (and less developed companies, such as start ups) is a very hot topic right now. This topic is something that is extremely important and interesting to me. Before you can help solve the problem, you have to understand the problem. If you thought the stories from women such as Susan Fowler’s at UBER and Whitney Wolfe, co-founder of TINDER and now BUMBLE, were interesting (and CRAZY, like WTF), than you will find this book very interesting.

NEXT ON MY LIST (hint to my boyf to add this to the Amazon cart):
The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron
This book is seriously RAVED about by practically every blog/podcast. This is the author that brought the concept of MORNING PAGES (discussed on the skinny confidential here). I’m already in the middle of reading too many books, but I can’t wait to start this one. The ideas discussed are designed to help the creative process and the book “takes readers on an amazing twelve-week journey to discover the inextricable link between their spiritual and creative selves”. Oh, there’s also a workbook.


She Did it Her Way
This podcast has been incredibly motivational. Amanda Boleyn interviews female entrepreneurs and talks about their journey. She frequently mentions the leap, referring to leaving your full-time job and working for yourself. She talks about everything related to starting your own thing, from what mistakes not to make before ‘leaping’ to battling your inner critic. I actually found out about this podcast because Amanda was a guest on The Influencer Podcast (hey- cross marketing works!).

The Influencer Podcast
A podcast by Julie Solomon helping influencers (bloggers, youtubers, content creators on Instagram, etc) get better at things like growing your following, staying authentic, monetizing, and overall growing your brand! The topics cover a lot and she has some really good guests like power influencer Sazan and Lauryn Evarts, which brings me to my next fave….

The Skinny Confidential
OMG I am sorry I have just started reading Lauryn Evarts’s blog. I have heard of it before, but I never actually read the posts before some of her tactics were mentioned on the podcasts I’m listening to. I have already learned SO much from her blog (like morning pages, time batching, and cold/hot showers and dry brushing). I’ve started doing most of these already, including making the bed. Also- her posts are extremely easy to read and there are a TON of internal links to keep you bouncing from one post of hers to the next. Goals.