How to DIY a Vintage Crop Top

Hi guys! I’m sharing a new little hack I recently started doing to my favorite vintage tees:

This shirt was actually my mom’s from when she was in college! She just so happened to go to a really cool college (SAN FRANCISCO) in a really cool year (1979). So obvs I was like, “Hiiiiii my new vintage tee”!

So as you may or may not know, I have a vintage etsy shop. Although I have a bunch of items listed, I still have soooo many items that I haven’t listed yet. At first – I didn’t want to wear any of it and keep it strictly for selling purposes. However, as I started to focus less and less on my sales, I started to go through and wear the items. I recently started going through the t-shirts that are in my vintage collection and wanted to crop a bunch of them.

This tee happens to be one of my faves because of so many reasons. Besides loving the college (well, city to be honest) and the year, the color is amazing. This blue is so flattering and goes with basically all my denim! I can’t take off this skirt or sneakers so obviously I paired it all together.

DIY: Let’s Get Started

First, I recommend picking a tee that fits you at the top around the shoulders. You can find some great tops that you don’t mind cutting at thrift stores or vintage stores. When picking a shirt, think about the design and about the color of the shirt. Think about what you’d pair it with (think something HIGHWAISTED) and try to get a color that matches.

Then you can put it on and measure where you want the crop to start. A BIG tip I learned from cutting a few shirts is you want to make the back of the shirt slightly longer than the front. So before you measure then just cut across the whole shirt, cut the front first, then cut the back separately. I also recommend using fabric scissors if you have, or want to invest in (~$20). These cut a lot smoother and can help get a more even cut.

And voilĂ  – you’re done! Easy right?

Shop other cute tops I picked out below:



*Photos by Gillian