I Drove a Brand New 2018 Toyota in Cali

Jumpsuit: Top Shop (similar) / Top: Aritzia / Sneakers: Superga

I just had the most amazing little vacation in California! I flew into Los Angeles and drove up to Ventura county to visit with my mom who lives there. For those who don’t know, it’s located just north of Malibu where I rented an Airbnb on the beach for a few days.

After, I drove down to San Diego (about 3/4 hour drive) stopping at Manhattan Beach to play on the beach with Nala and grab dinner. I continued my vacation at another Airbnb with a balcony overlooking the canyons. My friend flew in to San Diego and joined me as we explored all over!

The Car: Toyota Hybrid Avalon

For my trip, I was lucky enough to test drive the new 2018 Toyota Hybrid Avalon.

There were SO many things that I loved about this car, as I was seriously obsessed with it. As my friend pointed out: I have never driven a new car before. The last time I had a car was about 7 years ago when I was living on Long Island and it was was most certainly not a new car. Plus, any other time that I’ve rented a car, they were not nearly as nice as this Toyota.

My absolute favorite part of the car was that it was a Hybrid, not to mention a sexy hybrid. Something that a lot of people don’t know about me is that I actually love cars and to drive (I even used to attend car shows). Back in the day, one of my dream cars was a Toyota Prius. While many people laughed at that idea, it was because it was a hybrid. Now that technology has evolved, I love that Toyota is now making more stylish hybrids! There were times that I couldn’t even believe that the car was on – it was so silent! Not to mention the car had amazing gas mileage.

Other features that I loved about the Toyota Hybrid Avalon was the heated seats and the entertainment system. Plus, the car had great pick up (how fast it could go from not moving). Nala also loved the car, too! She had plenty of space to hangout in the back and never missed an opportunity to stick her head out the window to take in all sights!

This was not Nala’s first time in California, see previous Cali posts HERE, HERE, and HERE. Plus- if you’re looking for advice on what to do if you’re planning on traveling with your pup, read THIS POST.




*Photos by Jeanne

Thank you to Toyota for sponsoring the car for this post!