Trending: Fall Ankle Booties

As fall is now creeping in, so are the fall trends. Fall Booties are perfect for the transitional weather and are a complete necessity (& super chic). They are super comfortable and can be worn with just about any outfit, so needless to say I will be wearing them A LOT.

I’m currently shopping around for my go-to pair and usually I am ALL ABOUT THE DEALS, but since booties are a go-to staple for fall, they are worthy of an investment in a good, cute pair that will last. (I use the term “investment” loosely here, namely for me- any individual item above $100. The “investment” limit might be different for you). So when I make an “investment” in a item it usually takes some time and effort (a little self-convincing) before I make the plunge into the purchase.

See some of my personal faves that I am considering below:
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For more of my faves, check out my Pinterest page. I included a variety of options for a variety of “investment limits”! If you see an item you like, click the pin to be re-directed to the item’s shop page.

Another website I recently discovered while searching for my perfect pair was ShopStyle! This website has SO many options with links to the item’s shop page, and BONUS feature to email you if the item drops in price!!!!! (Okay, sorry- but this is absolutely HUGE to me as this is something I’ve been dreaming of for a long time and secretly wanted to create for myself.)

(don’t forget to Shop Vintage)