My Favorite Coffee Shops in Greenwich Village {NYC}

There’s just something about coffee shops that is so… alluring. Not sure if it’s the scent of coffee in the making (or those yummy pastries), but I love to start my day in one. They have a bit of a calm element, yet a vibe that you feel like you can accomplish your entire to-do list.

I thought I’d share my favorite coffee shops from the West Village and Greenwich Village areas (aka, my new home. aka). This area surrounds Washington Square Park where you can go walk around if you don’t feel like sitting at the coffee shop. I love to grab my cup and sit in the dog park (located inside Washington Square Park) while Nala plays. Honestly, the best way to start the morning.

Here are some of my faves in the area:


This coffee comes in a small cup, but packs a big punch! Super strong so if you need that immediate pick-me-up, grab a cup here. They really push the oat milk and I can attest that it definitely makes an interesting flavor.


Super smooth and tasty coffee lives here. I ordered an almond milk latte and it is was frothy to perfection. Big PLUS is that they have my favorite vegan pastries here.


I love that there’s seating outside (also enclosed during the cooler months). I am able to have Nala hangout in this space while I grab my almond milk latte. PLUS – there are SO many vegan options for pastries, it’s amazing.


If you want a good cup of coffee AND a good brunch spot – this is a great spot. There are a variety of lattes available like Turmeric, Matcha and Beet lattes. My fave food to get here is the avocado toast with an egg. Also during the summer, there is outdoor seating!


A go-to shop with tasty coffee and good wifi. This has such a coffee shop vibe feeling about the place with a coffee scent filling the room. Since Stumptown roasts their own beans, there are a lot of coffee shops around the city that actually make their coffee- so what does that tell you?