Finding the PERFECT Pom Beanie

HAT: Nirvanna Designs

OMG if you haven’t noticed, these POM beanies are EVERYWHERE. Not to mention, I’m personally obsessed. The poms can be one or two (for extra cuteness) and the BIGGER the BETTER. I also prefer the fur (real or faux) poms, these give the pom such a bigger statement. They even make removable poms (LIKE THIS), so you can put it on and take it off as you please… OR add it to your already fave hat.

Depending on where you live (and the weather there), the efficiency of these hats can be SO important! Needless to say, I have MANY beanies and there are a few that are less warm than others. The fleece-lined beanies are my fave because they keep you SUPER warm and it stops the wool from itching your head!! I recently discovered Nirvanna Designs and am obsessed with the quality of hats (like this one I’m wearing), plus the sale proceeds help support women of Nepal. I even picked up these SUPER warm hand warmers that are fleece lined (literally can’t take them off)!

I don’t think the POM beanie will be going anywhere anytime soon, so it’s safe to say you need to jump on board now! PLUS- they make amazing gifts. To help, I picked out a TON of cute ones:

If you’re uncertain about wearing a giant (or two) poms on your hat, my other obsession is the POM KEYCHAIN! I have a few of these for my keys and my dog walker’s keys! OR throw them on your bag to add a POP of FUZZ! Shop some super cute ones below:

Happy Shopping!