My First Designer Bag: The Fendi Baugette Bag

We’ve seen it with the Dior Saddle bag, and now it’s the Fendi Baguette bag.

Here’s a little background on the Fendi Baguette bag trend. It first got my attention during NYFW when Fendi held a big “Baguette Friends Forever” party at their flagship store. Since I’ve never really noticed it before, I started to get intrigued by this bag. At first glance, I wasn’t much impressed. However, I could tell that this was going to be another trend like the Dior Saddle Bag made popular by an influx of influencers on Instagram. As I got more intrigued, I knew I was going to love this bag later, as I did with the Dior bag.

Background behind the Dior Saddle Bag

Image via Dior

I first noticed the Dior Saddle Bag during a huge campaign they launched where Dior gifted the bag to 100 top fashion Influencers (think Chiara Ferragni, Negin Mirsalehi) for them to post the bag on the same exact time. This resulted in everyone’s Instagram feed to be filled with the bag and drove resale website’s vintage bags prices up.

At first I didn’t think I really liked the bag. I was like “eh, it’s okay…” But then after I continued to see it everywhere and styled differently and in different colors; I realized I did like the bag.. and really wanted it. When I looked into the prices, I saw the prices were around $1,600-$2,500, while the bags would retail new for $3,350. This was a little too high for my budget – not to mention the fact I’ve never purchased a designer bag before.

Why I Bought the Fendi Baguette

I had fully convinced myself that there was no way I was getting this bag. The price was probably too high and who am I kidding, I can’t be buying designer bags right now. When I wrote a blogpost sharing some of the trends I saw from NYFW, I started linking some of the Fendi baguette bags to shop. While linking them, I noticed that the price was not as high as I expected them to be. I couldn’t believe the prices were so low.

After seeing what happened with the Dior Saddle bag prices, I thought maybe this trend hasn’t hit as hard yet- and I should buy now. While I started picking which bag I would buy, I knew I wanted something classic that would stand the test of time. I decided to go with the classic Zucca style (the double F logo that Karl Lagerfeld penned in 1965).

Why Vintage?

The new Fendi Baguette bags looked a lot different than the vintage baguette bags that became so popular in the 90s/early 00’s (not to mention had a much heftier price tag). I went with a vintage bag via The RealReal because I really wanted something that was more of a classic and a bit unique, something that I would see Lorelei wearing.

In addition, I anticipate that the vintage bag prices will increase over time as trend gains popularity. This way, I look at the bag as a bit of an investment and can also re-sell it later. As an accountant and previous finance professional, I can validate this purchase for myself. I recently shared some of my opinions with The Business of Fashion.

You can see (and shop) the different bags below:

Vintage, via The RealReal:

New, via Fendi:


Bag: Fendi, vintage via The RealReal
Jacket: Zara
Sweater: Duffy NY
Necklace: Spell & The Gypsy Collective
Jeans: Free People (similar)
Boots: Free People
Sunnies: Warby Parker