Fitness Diary + What to Wear to Workout

I started 2017 at the gym! I wanted to start working out more, but life got in the way and I got distracted. I told myself: “I’m too tired”, “I have too much to do”, “I don’t have time”. BUT I decided that we make time for what we find important and I wanted to make time to really focus on my fitness.

This past week I really got started on my workouts. Working out makes me feel great (physically and mentally), it gives me the feeling of being accomplished and it puts me back in control of how I feel (not to mention it helps to get #summerbodyready).

The key is to set a goal (ex: “I want to work out 2-3 times a week”) and hold yourself to it! This is a great way to increase your discipline for yourself, and you will feel hella accomplished! You should not feel as if you’re not good at a workout, just do it at your own pace. This is YOUR goal and YOUR body.

See my fitness schedule from this past week:

Saturday: Morning Yoga
Sunday: Run in Central Park with Nala, Class at Pop Physique. This was actually a super good workout and I basically died, but I loved the after-feeling.
Monday: Massage. Since the after-work out pain was real, I treated myself to a massage and this did WONDERS on the pain. It was gone basically immediately.
Tuesday: Citibike and late night Yoga
Wednesday: Break
Thursday: Citibike to a class, but ended up taking way longer than anticipated (1 hour vs the 20 minutes Google Maps told me) and missed class. BUT this is will be a whole other story for another time.
Friday: Ran in my gym

Today starts my 2 week vacation from work! I will be traveling to Boston and San Francisco, as well as taking care of things around here. Today I’m headed to BOSTON to visit a good friend of mine! I’m trying to keep up my fitness while away, so I’ll share more about this later.


What helps keep the motivation is obviously the outfits. I recently had an influx of SUPER cute sneakers (THANKS SIX:02) and SUPER cute leggings (THANKS SHAPE ACTIVEWEAR), and basically they were begging me to start my workouts.

For Citibiking and going to classes, I don’t necessarily need the same kind of sneakers I use for just running. You can get a pair of running-specific sneakers and walking around sneakers. Lately, I have been obsessed with Adidas shoes (particularly the ADIDAS ULTRA BOOST). I also recommend a cute jacket/windbreaker or hoodie (like THIS or THIS or THIS) for when you’re running between workouts and cute a hat (I’ve been obsessed lately) like THIS or THIS!

Get your look below:



*Photos by Gillian