How to get Wavy Hair using a Flat Iron

OK I love my CHI hair products! The first CHI flat iron I ever owned, I had for about 7 years! My hair is naturally pretty curly, so I straighten my hair every day. Sometimes I do opt for a little controlled wave look and I love that I can still use my flatiron! I partnered with CHI and tried out the CHI Onyx Euroshine flat iron. My fave things about this flat iron is how HOT it gets and the long cord!

The wavy hairstyle works most effectively on a day-2 or day-3 hair without washing it. This way your hair has all the necessary oils to help keep the look in place. Trust- it’s a lot easier to get the waves to stay! To help maintain the life of your flat iron, do not use it on wet hair (make sure your hair is completely dry) and I use my hair products AFTER I have the look I want (the chemicals can damage the hot plates on the flat iron).

To finish the look, I added some dry shampoo to freshen up my hair and to help keep the look in place and the CHI shine infusion for some added shine. (PS; the CHI dry shampoo smells amazing!! Reminds me of the Abercrombie & Fitch cologne.)

See below for how I got this look:

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*In collaboration with CHI