Getting Organized: My New Shoe Closet

Lately, I have really been into shoes. It seriously was never like this and I’m not sure when it started. At some point, I grew somewhat of a large collection of shoes and have never looked back. As I started to develop favorite shoe brands (Soludos, Sam Edelman, Adidas, Stuart Weitzman) and would stock up on different styles from those brands filling gaps of new pairs that I needed.

Fast forward to now and I have well over 50 pairs of shoes. The original bookcase I got to hold my shoes was completely overflowing and the disorganization struggle was real. (Yes- I was previously using a bookcase for shoes)

Recently, I had the pleasure of working with Jamie from Horderly. She not only helped me envision a better way to organize my shoes, but helped me implement the vision with the help of Modular Closets.

We decided to use the whole room for shoes! Jamie suggested white shelving to match the walls and help the room feel more open. She brought in a handy man who built the closets and together we went through my shoes before she organized them perfectly on the shelves. I was so happy to see that all my shoes fit and that they looked so good displayed in my new closet space.

A big part of this organization was going through my shoes and getting rid of the pairs I don’t wear anymore. Some pairs were harder than others, like this pair that I got when I first moved to NYC (circa 2010). I got them because I felt they were very NYC (not even sure what that means now). Mind you, I also lived in the Lower East Side at that time- so maybe that was the look there? Needless to say I do not wear these anymore and if I wanted to wear something similar, I would throw on a pair of hightops sneakers.

One of Jamie’s tips was to just take a photo of the pair and get rid of the physical item. This way I can still have my memories of the item, but not have the clutter.

The finished product is amazing and I LOVE walking past my shoe closet. The room feels much more open and I love that I’m able to display all my shoes in one place. I’m able find everything so much easier and it helps to remind me of what I have. Another tip from Jamie is to let go of something old whenever I get something new. I will be trying to do this going forward!

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*Thank you to Horderly for the organization services and Modular Closets for the closets. Use code “PRETTYCLOSET” for 5% off!