Halloween Costume: Sexy Red Devil

Dress: Lovers + Friends / Shoes: 8

Happy Halloween! I am sharing my costume for this year: a classic sexy devil.

Now I’ve talked before in a previous halloween post about shopping for actual clothes rather than the “costume in a bag” way. The most important part of a sexy devil costume is a red sexy dress and some red heels! I would start the search for the red dress first since you want to get one that is great for your body type and then red heels you can find anywhere.


For this look, I actually found this amazing dress on Revolve first before deciding on a costume. They have SO many amazing lace dresses (LIKE THIS, TOO), you can find just what you are looking for. I knew I loved the red dress so much but couldn’t figure out when I would be able to wear it. Then it hit me – HALLOWEEN!

I just so happen to find these amazing red heels at YOOX recently. Again, I didn’t get them specifically for this costume but saw them and just had to get them. A good pair of red heels are always a great idea because these are something that would be perfect to have in your closet for whenever an opportunity arises where you would need them. Believe me – it will happen (literally any holiday)!

Next, all I had to do was pick up some cute devil horns and a little red pitchfork. I picked these up at Spirit Halloween, which is are pop up shops that are all over NYC, but you can get these at any local Halloween shop. Add a bold red lip and some lashes and you’re done! I also added some face gems (LIKE THESE) to add some flair, but feel free to make it your own!

Here are some similar pieces to get the look:


PS: Listen to the song on the sidebar for some extra fun!

*Photos by Samantha Caffrey.