The Hardest Part of Getting Dressed


Shirt: American Eagle / Jeans: Abercrombie / Jacket: H&M / Shoes: Superga / Sunnies: LOFT / Bag: Danielle Nicole

I think for those that have a hard time getting dressed in the morning (myself included), it is because they are some degree of a perfectionist. We think, “this is it” “this outfit has to be perfect” “this little piece is bothering me, I must change it because I’m not happy with it.”

But, we have so many opportunities to wear something different. It’s just one day, one outfit (and to be honest more often than not, I wear more than one outfit a day. I know.. but I love making outfits and getting dressed- hence fashion blogger) but I digress. I too have days where I just have NO idea what to wear and I scramble what to wear.

The point is to just DO. Few easy steps: Grab one statement piece and style around that item. I know, easier said than done right? But there doesn’t have to be any other statement pieces, just items that flatter your bodytype. It’s just one outfit and there’s always tomorrow.

For example, this outfit was somewhat of a scramble when getting ready. My statement piece that I styled this look around were these embroidered ‘PPQ’ jeans that I’m obsessed with and paired them with these cute Pink Espadrille Sneakers. It was still pretty warm so I grabbed a tube top in the same tones of my shoes and threw on my go-to cropped jacket. Outfit DONE.








*Photos by Angel Zheng.