High-Waist Jeans {aka; Mom Jeans}

OMG Guys! I am finally (maybe) getting abs! All these barre classes are really showing results. I really wasn’t doing them for results (OK, well maybe a little) but was mostly doing it to push myself through something that was out of my comfort zone. Also, fitness really helps me feel emotionally better and running was getting a little boring (and not really helping to get abs).

Let’s talk about HIGH-WAIST JEANS. The 90’s vibes are creeping in all over this season from hoop earrings, retro tee shirts, to high-waisted jeans (or MOM jeans). Let’s face it; high-waist anything is always a good idea and it totally screams 90s.


I have been looking for a good pair of high-waist jeans for a while. Specifically, I was looking for authentic vintage jeans with that vintage feel (from the look to the actual touch). I picked up these at a vintage/thrift store called NO SHOP during my recent trip to San Francisco (along with a few other pairs) and I am SO obsessed with them! This shop had a great selection and the jeans were so easy to shop since they were organized by size.

I definitely recommend checking any vintage/thrift stores first, but these can be hard to find. If you do not want to spend the time looking through vintage stores, you can always shop places like Urban Outfitters and Free People who do pretty well on the vintage vibe. I found some super cute pairs like THIS, THIS, or THIS.


I love pairing high-waist jeans with a crop top (or a self-made crop top). Since these jeans go up so high, you can rock the crop top to show a little skin or tuck in any other style top. For a major 90s look, pair these jeans with a retro logo tee (like THIS or THIS), a fun rocker tee (like THIS or THIS), or a bodysuit (LIKE THIS). Have fun with it! Style is all about self expression and what makes you feel comfortable.

Depending on the style of jeans, you can pick which shoes compliment the look best. For this look, since the jeans are more loose fitting around my ankles, I opted for a flat shoe like these sneakers. They also would be super cute with sandals or espadrilles. However, you can totally dress these jeans up with heels and maybe a silky sexy top.

Shop simililar styles below:



*Photos by Gillian