How I Get Motivated to Work Out

adore4Wearing: Activewear Set / Sneakers / Sunnies / Cropped Hoodie

Let’s face it: working out can be tough, but getting motivated to start working out is even tougher (insert monkey covering eyes emoji). For me in particular, I do like to work out (especially run), but I always make excuses for why I can’t today. (“I’m too busy”, “I already ate cereal”, “I’m too tired”). I usually like to run first thing in the morning (~6/7AM, before I’ve had anything to eat) and will take Nala with me over to Central Park (since she’s allowed to run off leash before 9AM).

Once I force myself into my workout clothes, I am ready to go. It’s too late to turn back now, just go with it. Once I’m out the door, I’m excited and ready to run! My main tips are: 1) stay focused, 2) push yourself, 3) enjoy the burn. BUT, most of all: WEAR CUTE WORK OUT CLOTHES.

I love a good crop sweater, especially paired with high waisted pants (ahem, my last blog post). Lately it’s been so cold out when I start to run, it’s great to add a super cute crop hoodie over your activewear! Pretty soon I may just have to start running in the gym in my building.

Now that I have decided to stay in my apartment (long story), I want to start focusing on my physique. I always thought I was fine, but after doing this shoot I realized how I could be more toned in areas. I’ve had a few offers to try different gyms and work with different trainers so maybe I’ll start there. I could consolidate my experience from them all and put together a post of what I think are some good workouts in the city. Plus; I really need to get back on my yoga game, it’s so beneficial for not just my physical, but also my mental well-being. Stay tuned!

Does anyone have any good places they recommend that I try? Let me know!











*Photos by Gillian.
Thank you to Adore Me for gifting this set!