How to Get the Hair Style You Want

Recently I shared a picture of me getting my hair done on Instagram and I wanted to debut the finished product!


I got a LOB (long bob- long in the front, shorter in the back) with highlights and my hairstylist, Tom Castiglia, was super creative when it came to coloring my hair. He gave me ‘fake’ partial golden balayage that preserved my natural color and root while offering plenty of POP by using different tones of the color: it came out amazing. Also, the color will grow out with a more natural ombré look and (thank god) won’t require much of any maintenance.

The problem with me is that I’ll walk in and tell my hairstylist that I basically want everything: long- but short, layered- but not too many layers, bangs- but no bangs, etc. Obvs no one has any idea what I want (even me). The key for me is to work with someone who knows which styles will work well on me; thank god for Tom.

Another good solution is to bring in a picture for inspiration (I usually do this). Check out the latest post on Style Tomes to find a perfect LOB / BOB hair inspo to bring to your hairstylist!


For my new LOB, I like to style my hair with little curls all around. This is usually done best on ‘second-day’ (unwashed) hair, mixed with a little dry shampoo. I use the CHI Air Expert Classic Tourmaline Ceramic 1″ Flat Iron to create the perfect little curls and I will create the curls in different directions (towards my face, away from my face).

I then set the curls in by using some hairspray and tossing the curls about. Sometimes I will pin some of my hair back with some pretty bobby pins (like this or this) to give it a more tousled look.


GREAT NEWS – I partnered with my hairstylist Tom Castiglia at Janet Rufin’s Parlor to give you a discount for $20 off a cut or $50 off highlights (for new clients only)! Just mention me or PRETTYPROPERQUAINT to get the offer!


*Photos by Nataliya of Style Tomes



  1. March 27, 2016 / 2:07 AM

    Ugh I am with you girl, I always walk in and say I want this and that and then end up with the same thing I Have always had because I think my hair stylist is like WTF this girl is nuts lol I have been wanting to make a change to my hair for SO long but I am so scared because my hair is SO fragile! After reading your post you have inspired me to maybe take a leap of faith and trust in my hair girl to add some much needed pow to my hair! xo C

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