I am Engaged! Here’s How it Happened…

To be honest, I’m still in kind of shock. I still haven’t called all my friends yet. So if you’re reading this before we talked, please feel free to call me.

Sure Peter and I talked about marriage and having children, and I knew that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with him. However, I had absolutely NO idea that I would get engaged now and this would all start today.

If you ask any of my friends, they will tell you. “When do you guys plan on getting married?” We know we will get married at some point. The timing wasn’t as important to me, well not as much as the timeline for having children. All I knew was that it would happen sometime in the future… and here we are!


Saturday 1/12/19 started out very normal. We woke up early and got brunch at our favorite spot: Bluestone Lane. Peter had started to convince me that he really wanted us to go visit his coworker who was going be in Central Park (at our favorite spot) with her husband, baby, and dog. I originally had plans to meet a friend and catch up and shoot some outfit photos; and I told him that I felt bad cancelling and that he should go alone.

He told me I had to go.

The day before, I was feeling very sick and was not really able to leave the couch all day. The thought about putting together outfits and being outside in the frigid weather did not sound good at a time when I was trying to recover. I messaged my friend this and she said she was also feeling sick, so we agreed to meet another time.

FINE. I agreed to go with Peter and Nala up to Central Park with the thought that this would be a quick little walk because it was so cold out. I put on MULTIPLE layers to prepare for the quick walk: leggings under jeans, cashmere socks with warm boots, 2 long sleeve shirts and a cashmere sweater, a big coat, and a very warm hat and gloves. Mind you, the spot in Central Park was very far uptown and was a 25 minute car ride up.

A little background on the Central Park Spot:

I used to live on the Upper West Side in Manhattan and this was right next to Central Park, near 100th street. In the mornings before 9AM, dogs are allowed off leash and I used walk Nala here to all the time. We had our own little route and this was seriously such a special time. I used to think how nice it would be to share this experience with someone else, too. When I met Peter, we started to do this route together and we LOVED it. It was the best part about living on the Upper West Side. We would get coffee, then take Nala to the park and just let her roam free while we just enjoyed the park.

Once we got to the park, I immediately let Nala off leash even though I knew it wasn’t technically allowed since it was about 12PM at this point. While it was cold, it really was so nice to be back.

The Proposal.

We came around the pond area where we normally walk up hill to another path and Peter told me to wait and look at the lake a little bit. “Isn’t this lake so nice?” Yea…. “You know 2019 is going to be our year.” Yea… and then he starts to get down on one knee. All I could say is: “What are you doing?! What is happening?” backing up slowly.

I honestly don’t remember what he said after that. All I knew is that he pulled out a little black box and I was looking at this ring. I just stood there stunned. No idea what to do to. It was a complete out-of-body experience. My brain trying to process what was happening, from what I thought was happening to what was actually happening.

Also- there was a guy standing right there and he asked Peter, “Is this a proposal?!” *I only know this because Peter told me- again, out of body experience* My friend said I should invite him to my wedding.


I took the ring and put it on (obvs first thing I do). Peter starting to get a little nervous at this point, “so is this a yes?” YES! YES, OF COURSE!

Peter had organized to have 3 friends at the park to take these photos and I was shocked. I had so many questions. Like what?! They are here?! Are we still meeting your coworker?! – He told me no and that we were going to celebrate with some friends at bar in about an hour and a half.

More questions… “Other people know about this?!” Turns out Peter talked to a bunch of my friends, called my mom, and organized everything. WITHOUT ME KNOWING. HOW WAS THIS POSSIBLE. I always pride myself as knowing everything. How did this happen?! He sufficiently completely surprised me.

The After-Party.

Before heading to the bar, I immediately ran and got my nails done. OBVIOUSLY. Like I honestly had no idea this was happening and I knew there would be a lot of eyes on my hands. I sat in the nail salon trying to still process what had just happened.

When we got to the bar, so many friends were there including my best friends from Long Island! (Who I had been texting/calling and they have not been answering btw). We celebrated ALL night long- until 10PM, because at that time we were sufficiently exhausted from the day and pretty drunk.

The Right Decision.

We went to bed as soon as we got home. I woke up at 3AM and was starving. So at some point I decided to get up and ate a bowl of cereal and started watching Gossip Girl on the couch in the living room. At about 4AM, Peter stumbles out of the bedroom wondering where I was. He’s still partially drunk and hangs out on the couch telling me he’s also hungry. It was at this time that the man AGREES to GO OUT and GET ME MAMOUN’S (falafel pita sandwich) and then GOES BACK OUT TO WALK NALA.

I knew at this moment I had definitely made the right choice in agreeing to marry the man of my dreams.

Peter is SO right for me in every way. I’ve said this so many times, but he really is my biggest supporter. He is there whenever I need him, knows the right things to say me, and we have SUCH a blast together- ALWAYS. Peter is my best friend, life partner, and soon to be my husband.

**PS: taking all recommendations for wedding vendors, etc! I am very excited to share this journey!