I Cleansed my Closet & Started Shopping Differently

Pajama Top: Target (similar) / Jeans: Vintage via No Shop / Shoes: Zara (similar) / Coat: Artizia (on sale + comes in lots of colors!) / Hat: Cinzia Rocca / Sunnies: Warby Parker / Headband: Anthropologie / Bag: Urban Outfitters / Jewelry: Spell and Mejuri

I started this day a little rough. Sometimes the blog/fashion world can be tough and you can often feel you need to “keep up with jones'”. However, I realized you don’t need to be constantly buying things in order to make it #FASHUN. You can find inspiration all over on how to put together outfits using items YOU ALREADY HAVE.

Which leads me to…

This Outfit

This is the softest pajama shirt that I got from Target a few years ago. It screams comfort and I typically wear this to bed and around the house. The color is also something that goes with everything. You most likely have a pajama shirt around somewhere, and if you don’t; this is a staple. Although it seems pretty basic, this is something that is timeless and you can always wear. Whether you decide on an actual pajama shirt that you wear to bed, or silky/satin top for going out: they both are great to have in your closet.

I scored these vintage jeans from a vintage shop in San Francisco. Vintage high waisted jeans never go out of style. When shopping, I would pick a darker shade that way you can wear it during more seasons (light blue is usually more of a Summer color).

This Artizia coat was a bit of an investment purchase at the time (I have had it for about 3+ years now). This is most definitely a staple to have as it goes with anything, you can wear it to work or out. Artizia is also having a sale on this coat (plus many other styles) so you can pick it up at a discount and in any color! If you don’t have a black or navy coat in your closet, I would recommend getting one of those.

My Urban Outfitters bag is my personal staple. I bought it a few years ago for about $5 (also got it in white) and I wear it EVERYDAY. The size and shape are perfect for me. If you’re looking for a small black bag you can look for something inexpensive or an investment piece (both work since you would wear it all the time).

I am also recently OBSESSED with this black headband from Anthropologie. Talk about the perfect thing to throw on to pull any look together. They also help a bad hair day (which this started out as). You can also scoop a big selection of headbands from Amazon like THIS and THIS.

Cleanse My Closet

Ever since I left my full-time job and pursued blogging full-time, I realized that I needed to stop shopping for clothes. I used to shop all the time and this has been a huge adjustment for me. Another adjustment was that Peter moved into my smaller-size 1 bedroom apartment….with one closet. We quickly realized we needed to downsize; which actually turned into a fun exercise.

I used to always want to build a ‘collection’ of a closet that way if I ever needed something, I could just go into my closet and get it. Regardless if I really ever wore the pieces, I wanted to make sure I had it just in case the day arrived that I would need it. Now that I really don’t have the space, nor the budget for this, I am finding myself constantly going through the items I have and considering if I need them. I typically either donate my clothes/items or sell them on Poshmark. Think Marie Kondo: What doesn’t SPARK JOY for you, get rid of it.

No Shopping

The ease or difficulty of no shopping comes in waves. Sometimes I feel as if I don’t need things, other times I really wish I could buy more things. One thing this experience has really taught me is to really look at WHAT I am buying.

When I purchase something now, it really has to make sense for me. Since I don’t have a large budget/income, I need to very strategic with the things I buy. I’m going to be honest, I used to rarely think too hard about some of my purchases. Now I really consider a few different questions: Is this something that I will want to wear often?, Is this something that I can bring me with me through different seasons?, What is the quality like?, Does the price justify the answer to these questions?

If the purchase checks off most of these buckets, I will think of the best way to buy it. Is it on sale? Will it go on sale? How badly do I want/need this? This process has made me feel a lot more confident in my shopping habits.


One of the first things I started to do was UNSUBSCRIBE from a lot of the store promo emails I get. When I say I get A LOT, I also get them on multiple email addresses. So there really is a lot. While going through the emails, I realized that there are some that I don’t even shop at anymore. They just clog up my email… and my mental space.

I started by going through the “Promo” tab on my gmail homepage and clicking on an email that I don’t need anymore to unsubscribe. Then I opened a new tab and searched my inbox for the name of the store and DELETED ALL the emails from my mailbox. The reason I started this process was because my Gmail account started telling me that I was running out of storage.. go figure. From literally three stores/email senders, I deleted 6,000 emails. Let that sink in. Taking me basically the entire day, I lowered my unread email count less 100,000 – which doesn’t even account for the read emails.

Let me tell you- this felt GREAT to get rid of all this clutter, physically and virtually. It goes along with my exercise at home getting rid of things that just no longer serve me, and leaving space for the things that DO serve me.

Let me know any tips you have when shopping or cleansing your closet!