I Found Peace During #InstagramDown

#InstagramDown – this is a popular hashtag on Twitter whenever Instagram is down. People (including me) always flock to Twitter to confirm it isn’t only them having the issue. It then becomes a bit of a running joke, filled with many gifs, about how everyone is freaking out that the platform is not working.

Typically, this frenzy lasts at most about an hour. However, today Instagram (and #FacebookDown) have been down for HOURS. Like over 5 hours. The first hour I freaked, just like the rest of everyone. I spent my morning finalizing a blog post and went to post my blog photos on Instagram when I noticed the upload kept failing. Then I tried to share the link to the post on my IG Stories, and those have still not loaded. I figured I would wait it out and work on my newsletter and walk Nala. When I came back, it still wasn’t working.

The Day without Instagram

While this blog (and Instagram) is my business- you think business stops just because Instagram is down? No way. I’ve been still be receiving e-mails about event invites, negotiating rates, and so on. Regardless if you can see my Instagram at this moment or not, brands are still making deals. People know that it will be back, and it will be business as usual.

As I was walking Nala, I noticed the restaurant across the street from me had quite a crowd. As I approached, I realized that they were hosting an event for a what looked like a brand. I started to think wow- events without Instagram. Without posting the scenes of the event, who attended the event, what everyone wore to the event, what kind of dinner was served at the event. That should be difficult.

Don’t get me wrong. Instagram isn’t the end all be all. Since I haven’t been able to use Instagram, I have been sharing a little bit on Snapchat (@awitzdree), writing some random thoughts on Twitter, and uploaded a new video to my YouTube channel. It’s been kind of nice.

This is not the first time I’ve gone a day without posting on Instagram, although those days are far and few between. However, this day is different. It’s not that I just don’t go on Instagram; I can’t. And neither can the rest of the (immediate) world. That means we all get a break from Instagram together. No one goes on. No one misses out on something on Instagram, and we all get to enjoy our life IRL (“In Real Life”). It was really quite peaceful.

We Love to Hate it, We Hate to Love it

A part of me is also waiting for someone to mention that Instagram is down so we can talk about it more. Like I’m happy we can take a break, but can we also talk about how we all kind of miss it. Like in the movie “Mean Girls”, when Cady finally took over and was obsessed with talking about Regina George. Her quote was “I found myself constantly talking about her, and when no one was, I was just waiting for someone to bring her up.” Instagram is the Regina George to our social media platforms. We love to hate her, but can’t live without her.

How did you feel about Instagram being down? Did it affect you? Did you notice?