I Quit My Job, Now What?

I recently left my job. So basically I’m just straight chillin. LOLJK. I literally don’t think I even know how to do that. I have been working on all things BLOG related. Yes, finally this blog now has my full attention…

My Blog and Job History

I have been working on this blog for FOUR years on the side (read history on the blog here) and I thought it was time to finally take a break from my full-time job for a minute. There is so much advice out there on when to leave your full-time job and do your own thing, but really I feel like you should do what’s best for you.

I’ve always read people’s blog posts and still couldn’t get enough courage to leave my job. For 5 years I’ve worked at investment banks and did internal audit for a living. Don’t know what internal audit is? That’s okay- a lot of people don’t. It is a stable job, pretty good pay, and allowed me to have the flexibility to work on my blog and go to events in the evening/morning.

So, as my friend put it- I’ve worked super hard for a long time and it was okay to allow myself to take a little break. Keep in mind, I’ve worked a full-time job since graduating high school, as well as all throughout college. Even during high school, I worked many jobs at a time. I’ve worked A LOT….for other people.

And honestly guys, working multiple jobs is STRESSFUL. And I was tired. I wanted to spend my off time hanging out with Nala and my boyfriend and give them my full attention, instead of doing late night emails all night and waking up super early to try and bust out a blog post. It became TOO much.

How I Knew It Was Time

I really felt like it was finally time for me to try something on my own. I was coming to a place in my life that felt like all the pieces were coming together perfectly to DO it. My boyfriend and I moved in together (back in April) and we now share expenses. We live in a great part of the city (West Village) where I can walk or bike to a lot of areas easily. I also planned for this and saved my money in anticipation, giving myself a rough timeline.

There really is NO time that will feel like the ideal time to leave your job (I know this from getting my dog). However, at some point you just have to take a leap and have faith it will work out. Also more importantly, have faith that it will be OK if it doesn’t work out the way you planned. I don’t want to say you can’t be scared, but you can’t let that fear keep you from trying things that have the potential for being great.

Do what feels right FOR YOU- there is so much advice out there and there’s no one size fits all plan.

How I’ve Been Feeling

I’ve tried something similar to this once for about 2 weeks when I was in between jobs back in 2016 and it was so great. I was so happy every day and produced a lot of content, while meeting lots of brand new friends, which turned into a great support system!

However, this is different because I don’t have that security knowing that steady pay (and health insurance) are coming in the near future. It’s now been about 2 weeks since I’ve been fully on my own and I’ve been having SO many emotions hitting me.

  • Excited– SO excited right?! Like this is what I’ve been working for, for SO long!
  • Scared– OMG why am I so scared? Like I knew I would be scared, but not nightmares every night of asking for my job back?
  • Happy– Every day I get to work on my passions and hang out with my pup. Honestly, I’m the happiest I’ve been in a long time.
  • Anxious– I am VERY hard on myself and hold myself to very high expectations. This is something I am currently working on, but it does drive me to try to accomplish a lot. Even when I have accomplished goals, I still am not satisfied in my production and this does cause me a lot of anxiety. That I am not doing enough. But I am trying to generate more positive self-talk, and this brings me to my next point…
  • Supported– I wouldn’t be able to do this without my boyfriend. Not just because we live together and there’s that sense of support in case I crumble up and die, but because he actually supports me. Like 110%, my biggest cheerleader. Yes, he takes most of my pictures, tells all his friends to follow me (LOL), etc. BUT, he also pep talks me. Tells me it will be okay, that this is all a good thing, that I am successful (which surprisingly I do need to hear).

I think that out of everything, you need support. You can find it from your family, friends, significant others, etc. If you feel like you don’t have it- GO OUT AND FIND IT. When I first started getting serious about this blog (about 2.5 years ago), I went out and found an amazing support system of like-minded bloggers. Whatever you are doing, the network is crucial. Not just for growth and meeting people, making connections for business and personal – but also for that support. Where you can talk about your accomplishments and challenges.

So Now What

While working on the blog, I am exploring my next move- which is the hardest part. What should I do? How do I do it? Who can help me? I do have some projects I am working on building and trying things to see what is a good fit and what I am ultimately capable of achieving. I’ve worked very hard to get where I am, putting myself through college and moving to the city with nothing. I am interested myself to see what I can really do if I solely focus on it.

I’m also still very much looking to expand my network and meet people all over. IF YOU’RE READING THIS- HIT ME UP, LET’S CHAT! I am a big believer that I can learn something from everyone.

I’m Wearing:

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