My INSTAGRAM GROWTH COURSE + How to Stay Motivated

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OMG! I made such an exciting announcement this weekend! Something that Gillian and I have been working on for so long was finally launched!


I talk a lot about how much I’ve been able to grow, especially over the past year, and since then I have gotten a ton of questions about how I was able to do this. During this time of my growth, I experimented A LOT. I would test out what photos I should post, when to post them, which hashtags were working, etc. It took a lot of testing, but something ultimately clicked and it was working!

The first thing you need to make sure is that this is something you REALLY WANT. This was the first thing that I determined before really putting all my energy into it. I am a firm believer that if you REALLY want something, you CAN and WILL get it. After you determined that you are ready to do what it takes to grow your account, you can now commit your energy to it. This does NOT mean that you can’t still use your energy for other things, too (like full-time job, friends, significant other, etc), but you need to find a way to balance it all.


I personally have a full-time job that I also have to dedicate my energy to. This did NOT stop me from keeping my end goal in mind. Instead, I wake up super early (~5AM) everyday to be able to work on my blog posts, plan my Instagram feed, and of course walk my pup (#PPQNala) and get ready for work. I have to be at work around 8:30AM and this gives me enough time to do so. During my workday, I will find times take a break to catch up on Instagram and emails, engage with my audience, and of course post some new content (IG post or IG Stories- very important). I usually dedicate most of my weekends to taking photos and writing articles for my blog, which helps me makeup for the time I spend at work during the week.

After my day at my full-time job ends, I get right back to work on my blog/Instagram. This includes catching up on more emails (ugh, they never end!) or attending events to help promote my brand and get to know other bloggers/influencers/PR people. Since I wake up so early, I try to get home at a decent time and go to bed early in order to maintain my brain function. This also includes taking the time necessary for YOURSELF (watch a movie, long walk with your pup). This not only helps you stay creative, but helps you stay SANE. Your mental health is EVERYTHING (read more here).


What is also SUPER helpful during this process is having a support system that understands your goal and is willing to help you achieve it. This not only includes taking your #OOTD pictures (WE THANK YOU) but can also include giving you the time you need to work on your Instagram, not judging you when what you are doing may seem foreign and ‘weird’, or helping to make dinner for you when you don’t have time to cook.

This is the time to block out all comments from people who may not understand what you’re trying to build and weed out the people that really hinder your ability to do this (physically and emotionally). You need ALL the positive energy that you can get during this time, because there WILL be times where you feel like there’s no point or it’s not growing as fast as you’d like; but THIS IS NORMAL. Maintain your dedication to the end goal and stay focused. If you truly want it, you will achieve it.

Along your journey, you will find people that not only support your goal, but will HELP YOU GROW IT. These are the people you need in your life.

Gillian and I want to be some of these people in your life.

I met Gillian through another amazingly supportive friend and I have never looked back. She has been so instrumental in helping me, not only through my work, but my personal life, too. SO who else did I partner with to put together this course, but Gillian! She is a social media strategist and together we put all of our tips that we’ve learned along the way in an organized course to help YOU get all of our knowledge you need to grow organically.

We decided to break the course down by section and will release each section separately to be priced accordingly. The sections will be cover everything from the foundations of your account, photo editing and your overall feed, dos and don’ts of hashtagging, engaging with your audience and knowing when to post, to working with brands/influencers and utilizing the new features of Instagram.

If you buy one section, that does not mean you are automatically signed up for all sections, but you are actually able to pick and choose the sections you’d like to learn. Although, we HIGHLY recommend watching all courses (from Episode 1 to Episode 10) in order to get all the tips you need to successfully grow your account and not lose any important information. Plus; any feedback you provide can help improve the future courses!

Not going to lie, this journey will be difficult. But you got this, and we are here to help. Please feel free to reach out to myself or Gillian with ANY questions or if you ever need ANY help staying motivated. Something that both her and I excel at, is really staying motivated in tough times. Let us all support one another.

BONUS!!!!!! We will be doing a LIVE Q+A on Thursday (3/16/17) at 7PM on Instagram! Come prepared with questions, or leave them below and we can prepare to answer them.

See the PROMO video for a hint of what to expect from the course:

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*Photos by Gillian.