It’s Cherry Season; Shopping Guide

Cherry Top: Bershka / Earrings: Argento Vivo / Skirt: Aritzia / Shoes: Soludos (similar with cherries!)

It is CHERRY SZN and I am alllll about it. Another fave for summer, piggybacking on the summer picnic vibes, is clothing with fruit on it! We’ve seen this with lemons, strawberries, and watermelons (wait, omg this hat); but now it’s all about the CHERRY!

I am typically an OVERPACKER, but for some reason when I went on my trip to Amsterdam/Paris, I felt like I did NOT pack enough. So I was constantly scouting stores where I could pick up some oh-so-Europe pieces. While searching, I stumbled upon BERSHKA. OK I have never been to this store before, but when I walked in and saw the price tags (~20€/piece), I knew I wanted to stock up.

My first score I got was this cherry top. I’ve been meaning to get a cute cherry-themed piece and when I saw this, I knew it was perfect. I love a good crop top and this dark blue goes with literally everything. I love that it covers my back while still being cropped in the front. This goes best with high-waisted bottoms (skirt/shorts/pants).

I also got THIS, and THIS (which fit amaaazingg and am thinking about getting other colors). Other pieces I’m eyeing to get next: these chic black pants and this adorable crop top!

Shop All My Cherry Picks:

When I go shopping, I run through the store, picking up anything that I like at first glance. Then I reconvene near the cash wrap and consider my options. Once I’ve decided what I think I need (aka; what I think will fit my body type, what I don’t already have in my closet); I checkout. Notice, I did not try on any items. I typically like to do this in the comfort of my own home for a number of reasons: (1) I can try the piece on with other items I have, (2) I can use my own mirror at home, (3) I don’t have to feel rushed.