Keeping it Real

WARNING: Personal Post … It’s about to get REAL.

Lately I have been making a lot of changes in my life. I don’t need to go too much into the details, but they are pretty significant. Think Carrie Bradshaw quoting: carrie-bradshaw-1

I’ve been really trying to put myself in better situations and find what truly makes me happy. I just think life is way too short to do anything else than what makes you happy. I am one who does a lot, stresses through the entire process, but ultimately gets everything done. I really try to please everyone along this journey and try to make sure everyone is happy, however there are times where I disappoint people.

I’m not ready to love someone else yet, I need to forgive myself first. I need to relax first. I need to find my self worth and happiness, and sustain it. What I need is support.. and respect.


This is me and this is who I am. I am very genuine and this blog is what makes me happy right now. This is what I like to do: write, take photos, and style outfits. This blog is REAL. Plus – I get to share these things with other people who like similar things. How great is that? I’ve found people that are not only interested in the same things, but want to work together to create these things! It’s honestly the best feeling, being able to collaborate and bring our ideas together- you create something so much more great.

Instagram is also a big part of this. It is the ultimate way to share art, thoughts, feelings with people and connect. Plus, there is endless support. Conversely, since I really put myself out there, all this leaves room for critiques and opinions which is not always positive.

To be clear, I am doing great. I have finally found something (many things) that I am passionate about and am working towards them. I am aware of what I want, what I need – and am doing what it takes to get there. I need to continue to remember that I am doing what is best for ME, and that’s all I can help right now.

This is why sometimes I need to escape to Long Island with Nala. I would seriously be lost without Nala and I love that she is always there for me. I also have a tremendous support system on Long Island where I have some of my bestest friends. It is a much calmer environment and I leave my worries in NYC.


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I chose this particular “Play While Browsing” song for this article, but if you’d like to get inspired/motivated further, listen to the “Florence + The Machine” album: “How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful”. If you watch the videos along with it, it’s essentially a short movie with music (“The Odyssey“). I listened to this entire album while writing this piece.

Sorry for the long winded post today, but I needed to get this off my chest and it needed to be said. How do you combat the haters, stay positive, and keep the mindset that you know what you are doing is truly what you love?



*Photos by Jeanne.