Trending: Mandatory Fall Coats

With Fall coming in full speed and quickly feeling like Winter (at least here in the NorthEast), we need all the chic warm coats we can get. As I continue to build my own coat collection, I decided to help you with your search for the best looking, best priced, and def must be warm – coats.

This season it is all about the long (or mid-length) coat. My go-to shop for my best coats is ASOS. I’ve had great luck with the coats from there, they offer a wide selection of different styles and prices, and I love the feature where you can actually watch the item on the runway.

I’ve curated my fave coats on my Pinterest page where there are a lot of Camel and Burgundy colors (SO ON TREND) and selected some of my faves to highlight below:

Plus shop the fave VINTAGE fall coat HERE:

After browsing my faves, there are some rules I suggest when selecting your perfect coat:

1. MUST be wool or some sort of wool-blend – This ensures the coat will be not just cute, but functional. We’ve all had the mistake of seeing a super cute coat online only to get it and realize it will not keep you warm. If you get a coat that has wool in it, this should fix this problem.
2. ALWAYS search for a promo code before hitting “submit” – I do this religiously for every purchase and 90% of the time I end up saving at least some money on the purchase. I typically do a quick search on RetailMeNot. ASOS has a lot of my favorite coats and they always offer at least 10% off with a student promo code (search retailmenot for a recent code).
3. Read reviews when available – Previous buyers are the best source of what to really expect from the piece. If there are a lot of negative reviews for the item you are eyeing, chances are there is something you may be missing in the online picture and this can save you hassle of discovering it later.
4. Check the return policy – As much due diligence as we try to do before buying our fave coat, there is always the chance it doesn’t fit as we’d expect or the color is different then pictured. The coat can be considered an investment piece so make sure you are able to return it if you don’t LOVE it (preferably free of return shipping charges).

Happy Shopping!