My Relationship with Materialism

I wanted to talk about something a little different for today’s blog post: I will be exploring my relationship with Materialism.


I want to take a moment to talk about MATERIALISM. Why are material items so important? Do they represent something more than just owning something physical? Lately, I have been trying to take a different perspective on material items, particularly my own items. Don’t get me wrong – I love to shop… but why are these things so important to me?

One of the things that continues to happen to me is that Nala has gotten into some of my things while I’m away and has chewed my precious material items (ie. my Tory Burch sunglasses, my dav rainboots, my Australian Luxe boots). One of my first instincts was to ensure that she stays confined to a smaller space next time that is clear of any chewable items. My next instinct was to question why I let a physical item control so much of my emotion, ie. get so angry over something.

I want to blame something/someone for why the item is now rendered unusable (Nala chewed it, easy), but sometimes there is literally nothing/noone to blame except myself (like if I dropped something) and I really can’t sit around being mad/sad at myself. I’m literally too tired to do that and have way too many things to get done.

There’s also just no sense in being so attached to a physical item. Ultimately, I think this is the same kind of thing that is behind hoarding. I feel a special connection with an item, it’s either sentimental and will jog a memory, or maybe feel I may need it some day in the future and what happens if I don’t have it?? (I think I can sense a connection to packing – hopefully this will help with my terrible anxiety with packing).

I’d really like to cut the connections to physical items and reevaluate the items I still have: what do I really need? What have I not even looked at in so long and can seriously live without? After I’ve gone through everything I can really organize what remains. This can be a really great spring cleaning activity! (What this can also mean is a ton more listings of things for sale – yay you!)

I currently sell on:
ETSY: All authentic vintage only – no modern items
TRADESY: Modern items – mostly brand names and sometimes I throw a vintage item from my ETSY shop on there
POSHMARK: Anything in my closet
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This has also made me reevaluate what I want to buy. I used to always want to buy everything (and sometimes do)! However, going forward I’m actively trying not to buy things that I want… on impulse. I’m trying to remember that What really matters is loved ones (at least Nala didn’t suffer when she chewed all my favorite items) and my experiences with loved ones.

“Material things will always come and go” – my doorman Danny


*Inspired by Rachel and Nala