My College Story

With all the college cheating scandals in the news lately, I thought it would be a good time to share my story with college.

I’ve always worked through high school, and continued to work through college. My grades weren’t great in high school because I didn’t put much focus on the school work. Instead I would always want to work. Once I realized that I would like to work at a better job, that paid more, I realized I would need to do well in school in order to attend college.

By the time I realized this, I already did not have a great high school GPA, nor did I do great on the SATs. I decided I would attend SUNY Suffolk County Community College (“Suffolk”), which was the local community college on Long Island. Suffolk is a two year college and was very inexpensive, which was important since I paid for my own tuition/books. (

I got my start at Suffolk! (2008)

LOL this is actually a commercial that plays on Long Island TV (or at least used to). It features previous students wearing their college sweatshirts of the four-year schools that they ultimately graduated from.

Since the first two years of any college are basically all the same liberal arts required classes, I figured taking these classes at Suffolk made the most sense. I planned to transfer to a four-year college after graduating from Suffolk after the two years. This way I could figure out what I wanted to major in after I transfer and also get my grades up and use this to get into the four-year college. I knew I wanted to do something business-related so I majored in Business Administration at Suffolk, so my classes had a more business focus.

I transferred to BARUCH College! (2010)

I put in a lot of thought to which four-year school I would transfer to. By this time, I was developing my plan. I knew that I wanted to go to school in New York City, major in Accounting, and work in NYC after college.

Since this was the case, I looked at the major colleges in NYC for Accounting: New York University (NYU), Pace, Columbia, and CUNY Baruch. To be honest, NYU was always a big thought in my mind. However when it came down to picking a school, the cost and value of the education was a big factor. I was still paying for my college and living expenses. With NYU’s cost of over $40K a year compared with Baruch’s cost of about $5K; attending Baruch was a no brainer for me at that time.

Side note: it is now FREE to go to SUNY (“State University of New York” – Suffolk is a SUNY school) and CUNY (“City University of New York” – Baruch is a CUNY school) in New York State if you meet certain requirements. This is absolutely amazing and legit makes me want to cry as I researched this. As I think back to struggling to pay for college – it would have been game changing to have this opportunity. I think it is great that NYS offers this to residents and people should definitely consider using it.

Life in NYC at Baruch College

I applied and got accepted to Baruch in 2010 and was so happy! Transferring credits from a SUNY school to a CUNY school was a breeze and I stayed in the Baruch dorms for the first year. The dorms were located in the Lower East Side in NYC. Moving was a big adjustment; from living in the city and getting around, to taking courses at a much tougher college.

I bounced around a few different jobs before finding a job I loved: working as a banker at a retail bank. By 2011, I was able to afford living in my own apartment and paying for college. I was working full-time and attending college full-time. I would work from about 8AM-4PM, then take my courses from 5PM-9PM and all day on the weekends.

My new plan was to graduate with 150 credits in order to get my CPA after college and work in Internal Audit. In order to get 150 credits (which is typically attained by going to college for 4 years + 1 year graduate school), I attended Baruch for 3 years (for a total of 5 years of college), and graduated in 2013.

After Graduation (2013)

I was super lucky (and honestly super hard working) and was able to move to the corporate sector of the bank I worked at. I moved into their Internal Audit program for college graduates. From there, I spent the entire next year (2014) studying and taking the CPA exam, passing each of the four parts. I was also working full-time in Internal Audit. That’s also when I started this fun little blog! Fast forward 5 years working in Internal Audit and blogging, I am now ONLY blogging!!

Do I regret going to college? Absolutely not.

I think college is great for getting you new places, learning a lot, and meeting great people. However, I think you should really only go if you are TOTALLY in it. Personally, I never missed a class. I PAID for every one of my classes, why would I miss it? Plus I didn’t exactly have a ton of time to study so I needed all the learning I could get. Seeing stories like Olivia Jade’s about how she didn’t want to go to college and really went for her parents- I don’t think that makes all that much sense. What you get out of college is what you put in. You should attend with a goal… and work hard to achieve that goal!