Nala’s New Favorite Store: Brandless

I just found a great place to find all Nala’s essentials: BRANDLESS. Also – they deliver and everything is an amazing value!


I was already familiar with Brandless for their organic food, household, and clean beauty supplies. However, when Brandless approached me to partner on the launch of their new pet category, I knew it would be the perfect fit for me….and NALA!

Brandless is now offering pet products that are protein-first, toys that are non-toxic, and pet care without the harsh ingredients! Whenever I needed one of these essentials, I would have to find a local pet shop that was slightly out of the way, then over pay for them. In my first package we got dog treats, a toy ball and frisbee, shampoo/conditioner, pet wipes, itch relief spray, and a new collar!

Protein-First Treats.

If there’s one thing Nala loves in this world, it’s treats. She will pretty much do ANYTHING for a treat. I typically like to limit her treats and use them only as rewards for when she did something good. The Brandless treats that I got include Salmon & Rice flavor (coming soon!) and Duck Jerky flavor, as well as freeze dried Chicken Breast and Chicken Livers. What I like about these treats are that the ingredients are very limited and are just what they say they are. Something I really focus on when getting Nala treats or food, is making sure they don’t have complex unnecessary ingredients.

Fetch Balls.

Nala’s favorite past time is definitely playing fetch with her balls. We usually take her to this big basketball court that is across the street from where we live and throw around a ball for a while. She is the BEST catcher ever. These Brandless balls are great because they have a little mint sent as an addition. Needless to say, Nala was all about these and couldn’t wait to play fetch.

Shampoo & Conditioner.

I always love trying out new shampoo for Nala. Since she is so low to the ground and loves rolling around in the mud, we are always having to wash her. While she is so good in the bath, I do love something that can really get her clean. The Brandless shampoo / conditioner is made with oatmeal and made Nala SO fluffy and soft.



*In partnership with Brandless, all opinions are my own.