Our Mini Moon in Newport, Rhode Island

The day after we got married in our NYC backyard, we did a mini-moon in Newport, Rhode Island! On Friday morning, we drove up to Newport from NYC and it only took about 3.5 hours. We decided on Newport because we wanted to get away for a little vacation and still be able to drive. I also wanted to go somewhere I never have been to before, and Newport looked like the cutest town.

Originally Booked Honeymoon

The original honeymoon that we booked was supposed to be in the South of France! The trip would have been about 10 days. We were to arrive in Nice, stay in Saint Tropez, Cannes, Marseilles, Sancerre, and then stay a few nights in Paris. I’m honestly not a big travel person but I looooove Paris (would love to live there sometime) and thought the South of France sounded so chic. We rented a car and planned to drive all around and explore. Oh well… we can always do the trip another time! Luckily, we were able to get all our money back for our trip cancellation.

Photo Credit; kimkim.com

Where we stayed in Newport:

We stayed at the Hydrangea House Inn, which I HIGHLY recommend. This is a Bed & Breakfast located within very close walking distance to the town. We opted for the GARDEN GATE SUITE which had its very own private entrance! It was kind of like renting a little apartment and we felt like we had a lot of space and privacy. This space was also great for not having to be around others at the hotel. The Hydrangea House Inn allowed dogs in our room, so Nala had such a blast!

They gave breakfast every morning and it included a lot. Every day, the spread had coffee, a small fruit bowl, a pastry, and then a full breakfast which rotated between pancakes, french toast, quiche, eggs, etc.

We don’t personally feel comfortable eating indoors at restaurants and Nala wasn’t allowed inside, so we ate outdoors where there was plenty of space. Don’t worry, Nala got her fair share.

They also give out wine and cheese every day in the afternoon.

Boat Day:

We decided to charter a catamaran while in Newport, which is an amazing socially-distant idea. It was very safe since we were the only guests on board, and we wore masks when boarding the boat and when near the captain and first mate.

Newport Kat was the catamaran we rented and it turned out to be perfect. We loved that we were also supporting a small, husband-and-wife business! Al and Kia were the sweetest people ever. We brought some white claws for the little trip – and since the boat can be quite bumpy, the cans were perfect.

Where we ate

Before our boat adventure, we stopped and got some quick lunch at The Black Pearl down at Bannister’s Warf. We both got lobster rolls and some cocktails, but didn’t love the food.

Every day, we picked up iced coffee at Picnic, the coffee shop next door.

For dinner, both nights we actually ate at the same Italian restaurant: Sardella’s! We are so weird when it comes to dinner on vacations, we love pasta… and once we find an Italian restaurant we like, we will literally only eat there. We did the same thing in Paris, too. The first night we ate at the restaurant and the second night we were so tired, we ordered to-go and ate in our hotel room.

Day 2

The next day, we walked around Bannister’s Warf.

This area has tons of little cute shops and I was on the hunt to find a sweater that had “Newport” on it. I did find one that I LOVE from Upper Deck Clothing. We also ended up scoring a few different things at the Newport Mansions Store on Bannister’s Wharf, like a new coffee table book, the cutest picnic blanket, and a few cute little gifts for our brand new niece! Peter also got some cute anchor shorts from the Kiel James Patrick Flagship Store.

After shopping around, we ate at the Clarke Cooke restaurant. This was really good and very convenient. If you want to eat here, I recommend putting your name down first then walking around to the shops.

Peter insisted on eating lobster rolls the entire weekend, so he ordered that and I got the Native Striped Bass. It was great we could get a seat outside since that’s where we are most comfortable eating.

Last Day

We like to leave early to go home after a weekend away. So we walked around the neighborhood early in the morning, then had breakfast, and headed home. Peep my new favorite Newport sweatshirt!

Nala on board

Our mini-moon ended up working out great because we could bring Nala! When we drive with Nala, we always set up a cozy bed for her in the backseat and she absolutely loves it! During the faster highway speeds, she lounges in the back and during the slower speeds through town, she likes to always stick her head out the window.


I vlogged a little bit of the trip, including a full room tour of the Hydrangea House Inn and some footage of the boat trip! Watch more below: