The Perfect THIRD Piece: Teddy Bear Coats

Coat: Top Shop / Boots: Thursday Boots / Sunnies: Fendi / Jeans: Zara

TEDDY BEAR coats are currently all over and I am obsessed. This coat is honestly so comfortable. When I was just hanging out in bed writing, I could easily wear this cozy piece as robe! How many opportunities do you actually get to wear a robe-like jacket out?! I can really only think of THIS instance.

There is a style rule called the “THIRD PIECE RULE” that suggests to add a third piece to help pull the whole look together. This can be a scarf, a cardigan, a jacket, etc. My favorite kind of third piece is a piece with a different texture. Teddy bear coats are perfect because they are usually a completely different texture than the rest of your look.

These teddy bear coats are also perfect for the upcoming mild temperatures where it’s finally not freezing cold. They make such a good statement, you can dress any outfit UP or DOWN by just throwing this on. I’m a neutrals girl, so I wanted to find a coat that could go with the majority of my wardrobe. This super casual outfit (jeans and a green sweater), was totally pulled together by adding the coat. PLUS; it kept me warm and comfortable!

Shop some of my fave TEDDY BEAR COATS below:



*Photos by Pete Bachalis.