Red Coats + Belt Bags

Coat: H&M (side note: loving all the coats at H&M) / Belt Bag: Vintage via East Village Vintage Collective / Jeans: Vintage via NoShop / Shoes: Rocketdog / Shirt: Urban Outfitters

Belt bags are alllll the rage right now. With Spring coming up fast (as well as festival season), no one likes to carry around big bulky bags all over. I personally have always been about the smaller bag (think: the smaller the bag, the better). However, belt bags are great because you don’t have to wear them over your shoulder or as crossbody.

The belt bag I am wearing in this post is your traditional fanny pack. Yes, I just called the fanny pack a belt bag. Honestly, I think this ‘belt bag’ trend originated from the traditional fanny pack, just with a modern, more trendy twist. You can wear your belt bag through the loops in your pants, or just wear it overlaying on your pants. Either way: super cute!

I am currently eyeing and am obsessed with this belt bag! Since spring is all about florals and pastels, you can search for a spring looking bag. If you’re hesitant to try out the trend, just get a bag that is relatively inexpensive and see how fun it is to go HANDS FREE with your bag!

Shop some cute belt bags from different price points below:



*Photos by Pete Bachalis