Reflecting on March {spoiler: it sucked} {second spoiler: it will get better}

Sneakers: Adidas via SIX:02 / Denim Jacket: American Butt / Leggings: SHAPE activewear

Let’s face it guys: March kind of sucked.

Has anyone else noticed this? I don’t know if it’s the weather, mercury is in retrograde (whatever the f*$k that means) or if it’s just that time of year where everyone is just reflecting on their life. It seems as though we are all somewhat unhappy with something that is going on in our lives and we’re not really sure what it is. So we spend all this time thinking about what we need to change, stop doing, or start doing. Frankly, I think we all just need a break.

Enough with all the advice, enough with all the comparing, enough with all the information OVERLOAD. We are living in a time where information is so available. Unfiltered information is everywhere and it’s becoming too much to take in (at least for me). One end of the spectrum, it’s great. People are able to have a voice that may have not had it before, but on the other end, it’s getting a little too crazy.

This is not a depressing post, this is about knowing you are not alone in feeling this way. Everyone questions things and everyone reevaluates their lives; this is how you GROW. But, there comes a point where you have to stop overthinking everything and just take a mental break so you can come back to these tough questions with a clear mind. I’ve talked about this time and time again (HERE and HERE).

I’m not trying to sugarcoat this, sometimes things in our lives are just gonna suck. But these are all temporary and we need to just take a break to do the things that we truly enjoy.

April is going to be our month! Starting tomorrow (yeah I can’t believe it’s April already either), it is going to be a fresh start to a brand new month. I’ve already booked two vacations for April to really jump start my need to get away and take a break. How are you going to take your break? What is it that you truly enjoy?

Let’s ‘spring clean’ the hell out of those negative emotions and move onto something positive! Maybe this is why athleisure is so on trend right now, everyone just wants to lounge around in leggings all day (I KNOW I DO- no shame).

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ps; If you haven’t been feeling in some sort of funk – then more power to you!



*Photos by Gillian