It’s crazy how life changes so much. I was reading through previous years’ reflecting posts (2016 & 2015) and it’s crazy to think I’ve already had this blog for about 4 years. This past year has definitely been a milestone for me.

I went through a rough 2016 and when I get very stressed – I just work really hard. I focused a lot on my work in 2016 and that carried over to the beginning of 2017. A lot of my hard work did pay off and my blog was doing much better than I ever imagined. As my blog was becoming more successful, I was started to feel a bit unfilled in other areas of my life. I took a big part of 2017 to be a little more selfish and was ready to find inner happiness.

I changed the way I was blogging. Instead of publishing blog posts twice a week, I was a lot more lenient on myself and published maybe 1 post a week. Instead of publishing Instagram posts 3 times a day, I was down to only 1. This also meant doing things that brought me joy and most importantly, more time to relax.

Some major changes that took place:

September 2016: I got a new job (with better pay)
June 2017: I got a new love interest (who treats me (+Nala) amazing)
December 2017: I got a new apartment (in the West Village)

And I feel good about these changes. Really good.

I also got a lot more into fitness and working out, which helps stress exponentially. Joining Class Pass is a great motivator and I now frequent many barre studios and Soul Cycle. I live in a very convenient part of the city which is at the crossroads of the West Village, Greenwich Village, and Soho! PLUS- I get to wake up everyday to the light of my life (Nala).

With my priorities previously elsewhere, I am ready to put my focus back on my work. I have projects in the works and so many ideas that I want to put out there. My main struggle that I want to get better at is time management. With a demanding schedule, it can be hard to accomplish all I need to. This will be my main focus of 2018.