Relax, let’s get INSPIRED

Now that New York Fashion Week is over, let’s talk about something that we all need: relaxation.


Sometimes you just need some down time, some ‘me’ time. Relaxing not only helps bring your mind and body to peace, but it also to get you inspired. Isn’t that a funny concept, that we need to relax in order to create better content? Being able to clear your mind helps let the creative juices flow and I find myself creating amazing new things that I LOVE!

Relaxing can mean different things for different people. It could be watching a movie, hanging out with friends low key, or a combination of both! If you stay constantly busy, you will not have the time to be creative and what you enjoy may actually start to make you miserable.

I always go through phases of accepting all work and ending up being very busy and overwhelmed. But then I then go through the phase of trying to wind down and not wanting to do anything and wanting to escape to a remote location with Nala. It’s an awful cycle but such is my life.

When I want to relax and escape work, I will focus on home duties, watch a movie (black + white classic romances please!), or take Nala for a long walk sans phone. I also try to make time for the ones I love. I will typically escape to Long Island when I need a break, plus it also helps bring a sense of appreciation and then I’m ready to get back to work..










How do YOU relax?



*Photos by Jeanne, Rachel, and Myself.


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  1. September 27, 2016 / 8:21 AM

    Such a nice post babe!!
    Love your date for your relaxing post hehe

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