Okay – I have seen ROCKSBOX all over and I’m not sure why I was skeptical to try, but I finally tried it! Let me tell you, I am actually quite impressed! What a perfect surprise for the holidays!!

What it is:
ROCKSBOX gives you unlimited access to rent from an ever-rotating closet of designer jewelry with 3 pieces at a time. Each piece is hand-selected based on a style survey and specific requests. You can change items as frequently as you want! Plus, you are able to purchase any of the items at a discounted rate, WITH a credit each month.

Why I like it:
I am in no way a jewelry connoisseur and I don’t wear a lot of jewelry, but I do wear some pieces everyday. I usually stick to the same basic pieces and I don’t really add to my collection. Since I don’t go out of my way to search for pieces, I usually just sometimes buy random pieces on a whim.

ROCKSBOX makes decisions for me. DONE. Honestly if you know me at all, I am so terrible at decision-making that I usually try to pawn it on to someone else (most frequently, the waiter). With the ROCKSBOX I am able to test out what I like and what I don’t.

What would make it better:
I think it would be great to include at least one additional piece from an independent, local seller (for instance, from Etsy). It could even change based on where the person is located (ie. a subscriber from California, gets a locally made necklace from California). This way when the subscriber decides to buy a piece from the box, it is supporting local businesses. (As an ETSY seller, I am partial to Etsy + local vendors)!





My favorite piece is the KENDRA SCOTT necklace. I love simple pieces that really bring an outfit together and this necklace is perfect. It’s also in the neutral color tones that I always wear, way to go ROCKSBOX!! PLUS I have gotten a ton of compliments on it!! Shop similar simple necklaces below:

Give the gift of ROCKSBOX just in time for the holidays! ROCKSBOX is the perfect gift for your BFF or fave co-worker with 3 options (3, 6 or 12 month subscription)! + If you want to try it for yourself, get a free month with the code PRETTYPROPERQUAINTXOXO!