My Grandma: Ruth H. Stone

This post is dedicated to my grandma Ruth H Stone and Northport, Long Island.


My grandma sadly passed away in 2011 and if you’ve ever read my Etsy Shop’s About Page, you would know that she is the inspiration for my Etsy Shop (as well as the source of the collection) & my blog.
My brother and I recently went to visit the brick that was added to the Cinema Arts Centre in Huntington. My grandma and mother were always involved with the center through numerous ventures. In addition, my grandma used to publish a newsletter titled, “JAZZBEAT” that was a monthly listing of all the Jazz shows and events on Long Island along with brief articles (similar to a blog I guess, like my PRETTYPROPERQUAINT). It was really nice to be able to see her name engraved in the place where she spent a lot of her time along with her project where she dedicated a lot of her time.

She will be always loved and missed

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IMG_0135 IMG_0142

IMG_0157 IMG_0179


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We then ventured to Northport and hung out around the harbor and wandered around the shops on Main Street.

IMG_0180 IMG_0190 IMG_0194 IMG_0199 IMG_0200 IMG_0232


It was such a beautiful day, sort of like one of the last few summer days left. We got homemade gelato (pumpkin flavored of course) and ice cream while I shot a ton of photos of the beautiful scene. Then we enjoyed a nice meal al fresco before wandering into an art gallery. Such a peaceful way to spend the weekend away from NYC (and with my fave bro)!

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Dress: Random shop in Philly (similar) (similar) / Shoes: Soludos / Camera: Canon DSLR T2i / Sunnies: Tory Burch