Ski Outfits that are ACTUALLY Cute


If you’re anything like me, you have the après ski look down: hello comfy sweats for the lodge and cute winter going out looks for the bars. But I haven’t skii’d in forever and am not entirely sure what to wear. One thing I do remember is, I do NOT want to be cold out there.

Since I am currently on the hunt for what to get, I thought I would share this search with you. This post is focusing mostly on the outfit that you wear on the slopes. I already had all my cold weather accessories then I rented skiis and a helmet.


Base layers are what you wear under your pants and jacket. They are very similar to leggings, but I was told not to wear leggings. Also – you can apparently get too hot under all the layers and can sweat. You need to find something that can absorb the sweat, while keeping you at the perfect temperature. Merino wool is the best fabric for this. Thoroughly confused yet?

I picked the Helly Hansen LIFA Merino Wool base layer top and bottoms in Graphite BL (size: small). These base layers kept me SO warm and they were so comfy. I also was looking for something that had a turtleneck for skiing and I loved that I could unzip it for après ski activities.

Base Layers come in different levels in which they can protect you from the cold. If you get cold easily, choose a heavier fabric. Just know that if conditions become unexpectedly mild, a midweight or heavyweight first layer could feel too warm during vigorous activity. REI explains it best:

Ultralightweight: For mild to cool conditions. (Also referred to as microweight)
Lightweight: Cool to moderately cold conditions.
Midweight: Moderately cold to cold conditions.
Heavyweight: Cold, frigid or blustery conditions.

The SWEATY BETTY base layers (Similar – TOP/BOTTOMS) are polyester and sooo comfy. After a quick ski session, I took off my snow pants and wore only these out to a bar and they were SUPER flattering. They came out with some new styles like THIS CUTE PAIR (TOP) and THIS CUTE ONE (TOP)


I really don’t like being cold, so I highly recommend throwing on another “midlayer” between your base layers and your jacket. This layer should really be fleece or down- not cotton. I didn’t want to buy anything additional because I really have so many sweatshirts (and TBH these ski purchases have really started to rack up), so I looked in my closet for anything that was 100% polyester. Polyester is KEY for your mid-layer. I ended up finding a perfect lightweight cardigan (VERY SIMILAR ONE) that kept me warm without being too bulky. If you look closely at my photos, you can see it in grey.


You want to make sure your ski pants are waterproof. When I was searching for ski pants, there was a few main features that I really wanted: skinny leg, high waisted and suspenders. These TOPSHOP SNO pants were perfect. Finally, the price got me at $140 (so reasonable for ski pants). PS; they also come in black and tan (PANTS IN BLACK / PANTS IN TAN)!

If you’re looking for chic jumpsuits, check out CORDOVA. They are look great but come with a hefty price tag. I loved the quality at Obermeyer and this was a close second for what I was going to wear. I did wish they were a little longer though since I’m tall, so if you are too, I recommend getting the ‘tall’ style. TOPSHOP SNO also has two reasonably priced snow jumpsuits: ALL BLACK and BLACK/WHITE VERSION.

As far as jackets, I already had a Burton ski jacket, but I loved the selections at Helly Hansen and Obermeyer! The key is to look for something that is waterproof and optional vents under your arms.

Jacket: Burton / Goggles: Giro (similar) / Boots: Moon Boots x MSGM (similar) / Ski Pants: TOPSHOP Sno / Base Layer: Helly Hansen top and bottoms / Mid Layer: ASICS / Hat: Nirvanna Designs (20% off with code PPQ20)


Once you’re ready to hit the slopes, you can download the SKI TRACKS APP. With this app you can track how far you have skiid and how fast you were going.

Don’t forget GOGGLES! They complete the look and help you see better!