5 Major Steals via the Fast Fashion Giant: Zara


For this SPLURGE vs. STEAL post, I am comparing luxury brands (with high price tags) to the handbags in Zara’s new Spring line.

Coat: Zara (similar) / Jeans: Zara (similar) (similar) / Shoes: No Rest for Bridget (similar) / Bag: Danielle Nicole (similar) (similar) / Lip Balm: EOS

Zara is seriously the “fast fashion” champion, having a much better selection than that of H&M and Forever 21 in my opinion, Zara really helps to keep trends popular by making high-end pieces available to the everyday consumer.

Zara has seriously mastered this “fast fashion” business model because they don’t try to forecast what the trends or demand will be, instead, they are able to respond in real time as the trends develop and change. Since Zara manufactures the majority of their clothes in-house, they are able to ship the products in smaller batches to get to the consumer faster, test the product with the consumer (ie. if it sells well), and respond quickly. If a product doesn’t sell, Zara is able to quickly adapt, design something new, and ship it out with a turn-around time of about 2 weeks!

There are a few things I love about this model. I love that the product is forever changing so the chances that someone else buys the same thing as you is lower than shopping at another store; such as Forever 21, H&M, or Ann Taylor. Also, by having access to affordable pieces that are so on-trend it hurts, I am able to try out if it a trend works for me and if it’s something I can invest in later. Finally, all the merchandise that is leftover from the shipments throughout the year goes on a SUPER sale twice a year and they are literally my fave holidays.

GOING BACK to the shopping guide, I noticed that Zara’s new bag arrivals seemed very similar to that of other luxury brand name items. I listed my top 5 brand name bags (SPLURGE) and compared them to Zara’s bags (STEAL) for you to cop the same look, at a much better price. Enjoy below:

Bucket Bag
SPLURGE: Mansur Gavriel – $595 // STEAL: Zara – $49.90

Mini Shoulder Bag
SPLURGE: ChloĆ© – $1,650 // STEAL: Zara – $49.90

Quilted Chain Bag
SPLURGE: Chanel – $3,955 // STEAL: Zara – $179

Top Handle Bag
SPLURGE: Gucci – $2,450 // STEAL: Zara – $59.90

SPLURGE: Rag & Bone – $595 // STEAL: Zara – $59.90

Honestly, with the Zara bags at such amazing prices it kinda makes me want to scoop every one of them. But, if you had to pick just one – which one would you buy?