Time to Upgrade Your Sweatpants

Now is the time to get some new sweatpants, since let’s be honest, we will be spending lots of time in them for a while. I am sharing some places to shop for sweats at different price points.

I recently picked up these H&M sweatpants for $18. They were out of a lot of sizes and colors, but I found this dark grey color and got a size Medium. With pants, you can really go up a size and it not a big difference. I personally prefer pants oversized, also that way if they ever shrink in the wash, they aren’t too small.

I’m all about the sweat sets lately. Sometimes shops will sell full sets (LIKE THIS TIE DYE ONE), and other times you have to make your own. These sets can be cute with either a crewneck or a hoodie. If you already have pants or a sweatshirt in a certain color, you can look for a matching piece that is a similar color to complete the set! Tie-dye is also so popular right now.

Dress up your sweatpants look easily to step out to run a quick errand or to walk your pup. The easiest way to do this is to add a blazer coat or an aviator jacket. Adding combat boots can also amp up any look (like my all-white ones) or just throw on some cute sneakers.

Shop Sweatpants

H&M – Sweatpants $18

Brandy Melville – Rosa Sweatpants $28 (Grey)

Pretty Little Thing – Casual Jogger $38 (50% typically, $19)

Richer Poorer – Women’s Fleece Sweatpant $72

Joah Brown – Empire Jogger $128

~Tie Dye Edition~

Brown Dyed Girl – $55 (FULL SET, $95)

Marissa Bruno – $48 (FULL SET, $87)