Trending: Boots & Sneaks

As the weather gets colder, rainy days will start to turn into snowy days. This fall/winter season I want to be prepared to plow through whatever the weather may be, plus stay COMFY and CHIC. What’s also important is to be able to run around the city and not be dragged down by heavy boots. To satisfy all these needs, I look for some durable, yet fitted, boots like Timberland, Sperry, or Sorel.

Get inspo from Christine at Hello Fashion on how to wear these boots:

Here are the pairs I am eyeing:

Sneakers are also great for rainy days and are currently all over (trend-wise). They are perfect for being able to run around the city while staying comfy and chic, or actually running as exercise LOL. No need to wait for a rainy day, these shoes can be worn whenever and with whatever!

Get inspo from my previous blog post about wearing white sneakers with a dress:

Here are my favorites:

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